Monday, December 25, 2006

It IS snowing

Roasted chicken, Cranberry sauce, lasagne, shepherd's pie, macaroni and cheese, crackers and tuna, beans salad, Salad-salad, angel's hair, potatoes, tomatoes, stuffings.
Cakes and orange.
Little children and family.
And a brand new addition - cousin's girlfriend.
Beautiful table, heavenly aroma. Too bad there are no pictures to tempt you.
Christmas makan of the father's side.
Went over to Asha's;
Briyani rice, chicken curry, mutton curry, vegetables, potatoes, cakes, cookies, murukku.
And orange.
And new company.

Blessed Christmas !
When I awake from my slumber I shall be going back to the dreaded routine of work and studies and work. I'm gonna miss my friends sooo much; UM shall be my abode for the next few months so forgive me if this space becomes my ranting ground.
I sincerely wish you a good year ahead, and that all of us shall learn and live and taste life in all its sweetness.
I wish you this quote :
God grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change;
the courage to change the things I can;
and the wisdom to know the difference.

I wish you the strength to get through life's lessons,
and the child-like innocence to enjoy life's pleasures.


Saturday, December 23, 2006

It's snowing!

I'm on the verge. Of what?

Roasted chicken (as opposed to traditional turkeys-but meat just the same), angel hairs, spaghetti, potatoes, fried bacon, pumpkin soup.
Swedish Cakes
& Ice-cream cakes.
Sparkling juices
Wine and flavoured vodka.
Blushing faces, cold body but heart warmed by alcohol.
Presents (argh. Mad rush to get them) and family.
Christmas get-together of the mom's side. Lurve-ly.

Wine? Oh yes, please. More? Oh, yes please.Merry Christmas everyone!




ee von's

Music has an intricate way to wrap humans around its little finger.Its melodious tunes unite souls, carries you upon its backTo the highest of highs and lowest of lows.It soothes you, fills you with hope,Makes your cringe and cry in utter sadness.Ah, sweet music.
Leave it to humans to kill its purity; i.e.

In case you were wondering, it was James Morrison's You Gave Me Something.In my defense, I purposely sang it that way.
We celebrated ee von's birthday at red box.
Snappity Snap!

Birthday girl with a, erm. LOA something-someone.

As usual, Charlie punya angels became our muse.

Happy Burfday Ee Von!

I'm going back tomorrow to ol' University, sadly, But i shall be back!

With a vengeance

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Of worn and yellow pages

I came this close to heaven today.
It was beautiful.

I stepped into the hall and had to compose myself. Took a deep breath and plunged in.
Rows upon rows, stacks upon stacks of books.
Superb, brilliant albeit a bit yellow books.
All going for freakin' low prices!
To feel all those covers, both hard and soft and to read and browse through each and every one, it was seriously exhilarating. The best part was, you can actually feel the love! All those people with baskets-ahem, yours truly, included- with books in them, book lovers unite!
I spotted not 1, but 2 copies of one of my favourite, favourite books of all time; The Education of Little Tree, which is quite difficult to find. I was so tempted to grab one just so I could have 2 but I figured I should share it, and let someone else find it and read it, hopefully.
See? I'm so considerate.
I spotted another novel which I bought not too long ago for almost 35 bucks going for rm3. What the hell?
I was sore.

I came out unscathed though, and no, I didn't buy all of them. I even took out some from my basket.
In the end, grabbed 9 books for a meagre RM24.20.
That's even less than what one usually pays for 1 !
I'm ecstatic.

I'm so ecstatic I'm listing down what I bought. For the heck of it.

Notes to Myself -Hugh Prather.
The moment I saw this worn little book I just knew it's for me. With a line like :
"Unless I accept my faults I will most definitely doubt my virtues. "
Gimme more!

Snow Falling on Cedars-David Guterson
Heard about it, curiosity seeps in. Oh well, it's only RM2.50.

The Stone Diaries-Carol Shields
Pulitzer Prize Winner. I'm always a sucker for prize winners; just so I can judge for myself how good it really is.

Sula - Toni Morrison
Oprah's favourite. We shall see eh?

Oliver Twist-Charles Dickens
I doubt I will read this as I've already seen the movie. But it's a classic nonetheless, so buy to keep la!

Midwives-Chris Bohjalian
Wow. Cool name. Boh-ja-lian. It's not a to-do book though.
So no, after reading this I still wouldn't know how to deliver your baby for you.

Song of Solomon-Toni Morrison
She's a Nobel Prize winner man!

A Man Of The World- Jane Hamilton
It has Oprah's Book Club's chop on its front cover.
'Nuff said.

So peeps, If you're interested, head over to 3K Complex in Subang/Sunway ( next to A&W), 2nd floor.
Pay Less Books Stock Clearance is on til tomorrow!

Share the lurve!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Black Holes & Revelations

Guess what I saw in The Star today.

Muse set for Feb 25 date
KUALA LUMPUR: Rock concert culture in Malaysia will get a tremendous boost with British alternative rock outfit Muse confirmed to play at Stadium Negara here on Feb 25. Tickets go on sale early next month.

I'm hyperventilating!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Of cosplay and mommy dearest Part II

Ah-choo! alright, alright, you've got me good.

I had a blast with ern, sien, karin n c wah over at Times and Sg Wang on sunday. Sien was *cosplay-ing -technically as she was there to help a friend out but she was on stage nonetheless, speaking japanese!- and it was my first ever experience, being in a cosplay event.
Very surreal; I felt like I was an intruder because I have no idea whatsoever who or what they're portraying on stage and what their performance all meant when everyone around me-in the front, sides, back knew at once.
"Oh ! She's Nana !" *screams*
"That's Oko-na-so-dunno-what!" *screams*
"She's doing the scene where Princess Sakura..." *screams*
But it was fun nonetheless.

That's Sien.

We parked at Times Sq for almost 12 hours !
Go figure.

My mother has always been vocal in disapproving dating while being in school and I've always respected that. To quote her : When you go out there you'll realize just how many better guys there are.

Well, I don't know about that, but I digress.

Eventhough my brother is already 24, my mom has never pushed him to get married or question him incessantly. In fact, she says he's too young to settle down. Suffice to say, she never bugs us to get hooked and she's always on our side whenever aunties or uncles ask the million dollar question : When are you getting a boyfriend/ girlfriend?

Or so I thought.

We were drinking coffee, yet again, at Kluang Station, Ikano, watching the world pass us by when an elderly man walks by holding small child. Out of the blue, she said,

"When only will I get to carry my grandchild?"


My brother looked at me and I naturally, turned to look at him. Before he could say anything, I retorted

"Koko, ka yau! "(Elder brother, add oil!) and continued concentrating on my tea.

I should have known the pressure would come! You see, earlier we bumped into a mutual family friend, Auntie A and her family. When two acquaintances meet each other after a few years you can almost predict what each will say.

First, there would be the customary "How are you's?", "What are you doing here's?", "Eaten already's?" and then the conversation will revert to the children.

Mom: "Eh? Your eldest son leh?"

Auntie A : "Aiya, he doesn't follow us already, he's out dating with his girlfriend. I'm supposed to go to China with him, but now since he has his girlfriend, he doesn't want to follow me, so I'm bringing my youngest. That's why I'm here, to buy winter clothing, China very cold, nowadays."

Mom : "Oh. Wah, your daughter so thin already ar!"

Me! Me! My turn! Say I'm thin too! Quick!

Auntie A : "Yeahla, everyday study, study, study, she was on the Dean's List since forever. She's studying in ... . She has a boyfriend too you know."

I have a feeling Auntie A is not gonna say I'm thin.

Mom : "Wah.."

Auntie A: "Her boyfriend's father drives a Mercedez, you know!"

Mom : "Wah.."

So there we were, at Kluang Station when she related the whole story to my dad, placing great emphasis on China, China, China, winter clothing (adding that the only cold place she's ever been to is Genting), boyfriend and Mercedez.

So actually I wasn't very surprised with all the grandchild thingy. It's just a phase. I'm comforting myself.

Then she added, as an afterthought: "I almost wanted to say that my daughter's boyfriend's father drives a Jaguar!"

Thank god she didn't!

Because the last time I checked, I don't have any boyfriend's father driving no Jaguar.

I don't even have a boyfriend. Period.

*Cosplay - a contraction of the English words "costume" and "play", is a Japanese subculture centered on dressing as characters from manga, anime, tokusatsu, and video games, and, less commonly, Japanese live action television shows, fantasy movies, or Japanese pop music bands. However, in some circles, "cosplay" has been expanded to mean simply wearing a costume.


Saturday, December 09, 2006

I'm stuck.

My mom's sick and that spells bad news for me because when mommy dearest is down with something, yours truly is stuck at home like UHU to paper.
Or elephant glue to the soles of your shoes.
She needs her rest, so I'm not bitter or anything eventhough I didn't go out this whole blardy week minus the eating sessions, of course.
And it just occured to me, I've only like 1 blardy week left before leaving for Uni.
Where oh where has my month-long holiday gone?

But we did go out for dinner though, to one of those many makan stalls in Bukit Tinggi, after some indecisiveness of course. Too expensive! I went there yesterday! Just had that this week!
Judging from what I saw at the place where we ate, I must say that Klang people are one productive lot! Little kids swarmed the place, occupying almost every table. Keep it up people, MCA will be extremely proud!
Not that there are no kids at my table but I've always considered my brother and I to be Big Buffalos instead.

We had dinner and then walked over to Kayu for drinks, almost immediately after.
Our excuse? Too early to go home.
SO, there we were, drinking our blardy RM2 punya Milo panas and Nescafe tarik, watching Manchester United playing Manchester City, conversing among ourselves about nothing at all, really.

Eh you know...Ha Ha Ha. Auntie dot-dot-dot... Ha Ha Ha.

Mom : I wonder how clubbing is like, how I wish I can go sometimes.

Brother almost choked. I was amused.

Dad : Aiyo, nothing one lar! What for all these kinds of things.. Haiyo..

Mom : Thank gawd I enjoyed myself first before meeting you, going to disco and stuff.

Now, I'm very amused.

Continues, Yalar, last time we went all the way to PJ Hilton. Happening, man!

Me : Erm, by bus? Heh heh.

Mom : glaring at me, where got disco during the day one! By car, of course.

Me : How old were you then? Wait for it, wait for it..

Mom : nonchalantly, Oh, about 20, 21.


Me : Oh, so I can go clubbing now if I want to lar.

Mom : taken aback, regains composure... Absolutely NOT!


Friday, December 08, 2006

To you, to me, to you back.

It's like a face inside...

I feel lost,
Crazy and lazy, mixed-up,
Like a martini-"shaken or stirred?"
Haven't had a martini yet, dear sir.

Rambling on like an old
With his clothes tattered and shrivelled
But his eyes,
Oh his eyes, how they twinkled, dear sir.

Sleep would not come,
Mr. Stardust and Mrs. Moonlight
Cheated me;
I thought and wandered
Off to a hall of mirrors,
Reflecting a myriad of me but
I could not see, I could not find,
Nope, I could not feel, dear sir.

You would think me mad,
That ubiquitous light bulb
Shone and blinked.
Blink! Blink!
Defiled a book I haven't
In months.
Caressed a book I haven't
In years.
Blink! Blink!
In the calmness and eerieness of the night,
It Blinked. Finally it did, dear sir.

Of Starlight and Moondust
That's you, dear sir.

THAT'S the result when I have nothing to blog about.
Well, I have actually, but this came out instead.
Who am I to fight the twisted needs of yours truly?
Not me.

Disclaimer : It is NOT about a guy, or any guy for that matter. Never my intention.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nothing to do?

Step 1 :
Click on

Step 2 :
Hunt for the tree named 'amy-da-great'

Step 3 :
Leave a message after the beep!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

One lady, many ladies

My brother said it was boring but I didn't listen. The Lady In The Water by M.Night Shyamalan turned out to be everything that I've expected and more. The plot, the twist, the cameo by the brilliant director, the mood, the underlying theme and motive (or maybe I just think too much), the hilarious characters; mind-blowing.

It's about a bedtime story, and how people are ultimately connected and find themselves inexplicably drawn together by forces unseen. These different characters who seemingly have nothing in common and are as diverse as the universe - A Korean mother and her ultra-modern daughter, a sad, stuttering manager,a lovable pair of Indian siblings, an African American father with a niche for crossword puzzles and his son, with a niche for cereal boxes plus many more, intertwined in a way that only happens in, yes, bedtime stories.
The thing that I liked about the movie is how these people trust each other without any qualms and believed the protaganist without any questions asked.
They definitely aren't cynics. Now, how sweet is that.
And of course, a bedtime story isn't complete without its happy ending- with flying eagles and fighting monsters and all that.

Nope, didn't tear up though.

I don't wish to be sucked into something so mundane as this and it's been commented to death but what the heck.

Courtesy of

"The Kota Baru Municipal Council (MPKB) has announced that it would “no longer tolerate indecent dressing” by women, both Muslim and non-Muslim.
Public relations officer Mohd Azman Daham said that under local council by-laws women who “dressed sexily or indecently” could be fined up to RM500
. "

How do you define indecent? And who are you to define?

and then,

"The council had received complaints from ratepayers that certain shop assistants and waitresses here donned sexy outfits, supposedly to woo more male customers"

I didn't know men can be generalized to be so shallow. For the sake of future generations for it is the men punya seed that is sowed, so to speak, I hope that this isn't true.


"According to ... (don't wanna be sued), there was no denying that men would be aroused by a scantily- dressed woman, as this was human nature"

Go ahead. Play the blame game. Scantily- clad women are the cause of molest, rape, incest. Oooh, you better cover yourself up! If not, you'll get what you deserve.
Don't even show an inch of skin cause men will salivate, get aroused and need to get off. It is their human nature after all.
Rape cases involving grandmothers and innocent children?
Aiya, that one, special case *wink wink*

I tell you what, since we're blaming one sex, why leave the other out of all the fun?
Why not make it compulsory to blind fold all men?
This way, they won't get aroused, and they won't prey on innocent women, women with the freedom to choose whatever the heck they wanna do to themselves.
Win-win, no?

It's cheap too, you know, to get black cloth.
Only RM3.50 per yard. Maybe enough for 12 people?
Works out to be roughly 30 sen per person.

Ekonomi tak bagus !

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Of boxes and bigger ass

I could just reach out and pop the moon

My life these days revolve around sleeping like a pig until about midday after which like a clockwork, I would brush my teeth, grab the cup of honey and slice of bread my dad prepared and plop myself down on the couch. Not before flipping on the idiot box, though.
I will then channel surf and start reading the day's papers.
Grab a quick shower and plop down again for lunch.
Channel surf once again and if I'm lucky I'll be able to catch a movie or two.
5.30 pm : Fashion Avenue over at Discovery Travel and Adventure.
6.00 pm : Get a kick out of watching the Emperor's concubines bitch and backstab each other.
Bathe again and off for dinner and/or go out somewhere with family or parents.
Comes home and plops down in front of a more intelligent box - The Computer. cue : Oooh. Aaahh.
When it's past midnight and dawn threatens to break in no more than 6 hours, I will then retire to bed and curl up with a good book.

And another day starts.

Man. I am so darn productive.

I need you to take me out. Please? If not I'll blame you for my bigger ass.

Currently loves : The Killers - Sam's Town
Currently boring into : John Steinbeck's Cannery Row

Saturday, December 02, 2006

'Twas the night before Saturday

Don't you wanna feel my bones on your bones?

Scene : Flashes of lightning fills the dark, dark skies; illuminating the heavens, a sign of the coming rumbling thunder. The rain pours, washing away the dirt on the tarred road. Water is rising in the corners; giving off reflections of the street lamps.
A family of four seeks shelter, waiting for the relentless rain to relent.
The car sits across the road.
The youngest girl looks up into the heavens, it seems like it's getting better.
Should they run across?

Teet teet !

The eldest boy opens the car door, it's automated.

The mother runs with all her might, drops of rain plops on her but she doesn't care.

The father and daughter prepares to run across, but what's this?

A hand stops them.

They paused and looked at the brother, to whom the hand belongs, and there under the shelter, the 3 of them understood each other without speaking; and watched.


The door locks; just as the mother reaches for the door handle.

She turns...

"WOI !"

Gosh, we almost died laughing.

Happy World AIDS Day people.

Don't discriminate,
don't play mate-mate;
without being safe.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

brown stripes-black : brack? Bla-aoun!

I did it.

I thrive on stability. It's in my blood, it's written in the stars, not to say I'm a very big believer, but you see, I'm of the bull.
I talk a lot, wanting to do new stuff but oftentimes, I find myself chickening out, unless I'm with other people and I force myself into doing whatever just to not lose face.


I finally did something to my hair after getting approval from my dear papa. I very nearly decided against it but ah,
I need to act on impulse once in a while.

Yours truly isn't your typical good girl after all, if you haven't already figured that out yourself.

So, I might not look as good as before, like an ah lian (*ahem : CZECH) or better than ever.
It doesn't matter, cause I blardy well like it.

And my mom,

And so did my dear papa.

Which of course is good, since they both paid for it.


My family and I went furniture and lighting window-shopping today, around Bkt Tinggi. Man, there are seriously a lot of lights out there.
And surprise, surprise, most of them are of course, attached to the ceiling.
Hand over that sore neck lotion please.

"Mummy! Let's get that one!"

Pointing to a mesh of aluminium twisted to resemble Medusa's head of snakes with tiny bulbs poking out.

Mom's eyes grew big.

"What bout this?"

Pointing, yet again, gleefully, to a humongous lantern-like lighting which is of course, about 50 sizes too big.

Oh, what fun.

Dad, mischievously : "What's so special about white bulbs?"

"They give off white light"

I'm intent on getting one of bumblebees whose butts light up when you switch them on.

I find them oddly amusing; butts that go ting!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Part II : 4's

-Tagged by Ee Von and Kin Wai-

4 Things many don't know.
-I can be pretty insecure at times
-I LOVE to watch sports tho' not necessarily play them-F1, wrestling-yes, even that-, basketball , CHELSEA! (not ciao si, mind you. blek)
-I sing my heart out at home alone.
-and dance like nobody's watching, only, there is nobody watching.

4 Movies I could watch over and over again
-You've Got Mail (Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan..just..sweet)
-Sleepless in Seattle (and again)
-The LOTR (Breathless)
-The Blues Brothers (Flying cars!)

4 Places I've lived
-Port Klang.

-Pandamaran, Port Klang.
-Kolej Ibnu Sina, UM.
-Aunt's hse, grandma's hse, unc's hse..

4 TV Shows I love
-Everybody Loves Raymond
-Grey's Anatomy
-Oprah (just like a housewife)

4 Places I've been on vacation
-Penang (Gosh..countless times)
-Rawa Island (Be-U-T-Full)
-Langkawi Island

4 Of my favourite food
-Roti Canai with sugar (wah liu..)
-Baked beans and eggs and rice!
-Lap Cheong (chinese sausages)
-Bak kua (erm..whatchacallit? Burnt meat ar?)

4 Places I would rather be.
-On a sandy white beach, looking at the beautiful sea.
-In a humongous library where I can borrow as many books as I want.
-Out at a cafe, with friends, drinking hot chocolate, or ice cream would do.
-Anywhere with my family.
can I get one more?

-In the middle of the forest, by a tranquil stream. Note: Not being lost in the forest though.

4 Favourite songs
-Dreaming my Dreams -The Cranberries
-Island In The Sun -Weezer
-Ironic-Alanis Morrisette
and loads more.

4 Others I wanna tag.
Kexin (heh heh)
Shin D!
Chee Shin
Kenny ? (the most convenient..hehe)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Part I : 3's

-Tagged by Kin Wai -

3 hobbies
-Watching tv
-Lepak-ing with family n friends

3 things on my to-do list
-Love myself more
-Be grateful for what I'm blessed to receive
-Lose weight. (okay, that's admittedly quite impossible)

3 unique traits
-Ability to sit for hours with a mug of coffee watching the world go by.
-Multitasking. Read : chatting over the headphones, checking mails, blogging, watching tv, replying sms, reading newspapers.
-Pretending to be innocent.

3 favourite drinks

3 passions

3 awesome movies
-The LOTR trilogy (all hail !)
-The Sound of Music

3 good bands
-Red Hot Chilli Peppers
-The Cranberries
-Limp Bizkit

3 things I am anal about

3 random guys
-Li Wei (chatting with him)
-Hao Shen

3 bad habits
-Letting my mouth loose
-Tendency to snap at parents and then regret about it the next second

3 painful experiences
-Monthly cramps
-Splitting with friends, going off into new horizons
-Not being sure of myself

3 treasured moments
-School days...especially Form 6 (miss 'em like crazy)
-Exam results days (so far)
-Any moments with family

3 goals before 30.
-Travel around the world, at least travel somewhere.
-Find someone of my dreams?
-Find a job that gives me contentment and satisfaction.

3 favourite desserts
-Chocolate cake
-Cheese cake
-Ice cream

3 people I tag
Ee Von

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I am officially free.

Had Organic Chemistry til 12 pm. Almost had a cardiac arrest when the examiner boomed out in a loud voice "10 minutes left !" It's a wonder I didn't drop dead in shock. Passed up my cakar ayam papers and exhaled.

The heavens opened up and poured bucketloads of rain. (To wash our tears away?) Ah, but that didn't deter us from going out anyway, us, bunch of desperados. Arrived in Midvalley soaking wet and freezing.
The Covenant played on the silver screen. The popcorn never tasted so delicious.
-It was okay-lar, pretty predictable and quite mediocre acting. But what do I know about acting anyways?-

Shopped for beloved mommy's birthday present. I'm SO glad she loved it.

Mom : "You're definitely not in the room, right? Where to this time?"
To the river of money. *
You can't expect a girl like me to stay cooped up inside.
Shopped and ate and walked and ate.
And came back at 11 pm.

Yours truly went for dance practice.
You heard that right. Me, sim mei, is performing.

Okay, you can stop laughing now.


More practice.

My feet hurt.

My body's aching.

Sunday And Jump. Prance. Break your bones.


The pull of 007 was too strong.
Midnight movie beckons. I almost fell asleep. Almost.
But it was good.


Muscles may scream
But my legs say go!

Hello again GSC!
Step Up was surprisingly entertaining...
Cool moves, good looking people, great music.


I am here, in the computer lab, typing this. Will be back in Klang very shortly.

Miss you guys!

I'm lovin' this.

* Sg.Wang.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Mom : Today's the 31st hor?

Erm. Yeah.

Mom : Got discount today, hor?

Rev that car engine up baby!

*evil laughter*

What has Amy been up to lately?

Drinking mysterious, sweet, urine-coloured potions

Taking random pictures

In order to face this


I need all the luck I can get.

Muaks people.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Deeps and Hars

yeah Kin wai, I'm one big meaty balloon. Can't blame moi friend !

I've been wanting to post this up earlier but ah, the procrastinator in me surfaced again, coupled with the fact that I have one humongous load of notes that I'm supposed to finish reading by next week.
Help !

Anyways, yours truly is back at home for about 2 weeks, of which every moment is a treasured moment, supposingly on her study break but darn the big bad TV to the depths of the fiery basement.
I fell victim to ED, Grey's Anatomy, The Apprentice, MTV, Channel V, Winter Sonata. You read that right - Winter Sonata... Gosh !
Ah well.

It's great living in a multiracial country, but it is even better if your own family is multiracial. My family and my dad's Klang clan went back to Penang to celebrate the joyous occasion that is Deepavali with my beloved Uncle and his family. It's beautiful really to see so many family members gathered in the house, for a dinner and of course, drinks.
It was nice to see my Uncle smiling with glee at all the loud noise, running toddlers, hysterical young adults and laughing gossipy aunties and uncles all under his own roof. It's a wonder that the roof didn't get blown off by the sheer noise. Everyone dug into the neverending food; tender mutton, spicy chicken, crispy freshly-made roti canai, vegetables, cakes of which I guiltily took more than I should. Chocolate and mint, man!
And then, there were of course, the drinks.
Rounds of bottoms-up among the cousins.
As I was one of the youngest, I wasn't allowed to participate-boo!- thinking that I'm the innocent one, that I, of all people, should be protected.
Nonetheless, they must have got a tad tipsy towards the end as I was allowed 2 glasses of wine and 2 shots of whisky-finally!- after which my face turned red like a blardy tomato.
Cis..jatuh saham
Ate all I could of glorious Penang food and came back home. Throughout the whole holiday there I probably managed to read about 2 pages of Anatomy? Good job, amy.
On the way home, thinking that I must at least do some work since I'm forced to be in the car for at least 4 hours, took out my notes to the disbelieving sideways glance of mom, managed a few lines? and snored for the next TWO HOURS.
Wow, superb job, amy.

Went over to Deva and Navina's houses for belated Deepavali visiting with Alvinder but missed Shazeer's one though.

I had a great time.

Now, I've got to stick my nose into my books with UHU glue if you don't mind.
Pardon me for the lack of updates, but I'll be back!

Astalavista baby!

Friday, October 13, 2006

The good, the bad; wait for it, the ugly.

On an island in the sun
We'll be playin' havin' fun

Doo Doo

Part 1

Revelations may just strike you whenever and where ever. You might be sitting on the throne doing your business of making magnifique chocolate cake and stuff just pops up in your head. Sometimes your path crosses with another who touches your life, even for a brief moment and restore your faith in something you hold dear to your heart.
I've had a part of my faith restored, thanks to a few lecturers who helped me believe-a little-again that the bubble around my wild, optimistic and utopic expectations of being in a University, especially in a Malaysian University, might be able to be restored after an abrupt bursting a few months ago.
When that little bubble burst, it was quite depressing actually.
Ah. But you see, I shouldn't blow that bubble in the first place.

He who expects nothing shall never be disapponted.

How to not expect my life to be bigger than me?

The conditions before almost made me want to become a lecturer. Just to shake things up. Just to ensure that future students will not be disappointed like I was. To restore the romantic notions of tertiary education. Where's my green fields, blue skies, historical walls, beautiful books, unwritten future, strong pillars? But who am I to judge before being in their shoes?

Nonetheless, it's good to cross path with advocates of knowledge. To remind me that I am a student. And to be proud of it.

Part 2

Can someone enlighten me on what had become of our students?
I was at the PTUM Theatrical Performance the other day and Rudeness was all around me I couldn't stand it.
___ Ong Ka Ting ( Dato' / Datuk / YB /-fill in the blank-) was on the stage, giving a speech, in Bahasa Melayu and almost everyone around me -except a few of my friends- were busy talking and laughing in a loud voice. I mean, come on, would it hurt to give that poor guy up there a bit of attention and appreciation for showing up?
As if that wasn't enough, and this was actually the main thing that got me so fired up at that time, was that, when he switched from speaking in BM to Chinese for a while, the people around me immediately shut up.

Speechless man.


You talk when he was speaking in our national languange, which, I assume you would understand perfectly fine- if you managed to go all the way up to University level, unless by some miracle or by the extra-screwed up, if not already screwed up system- but you showed respect when he switched languages?
I didn't know courtesy comes in colours.
I've always thought it was colour blind.

No prizes for guessing whether any attention was paid when it was Dr. Razali Agus's (VC for Alumni and Student Affairs - think) turn to speak.

And these are the leaders of a muhibbah country.

Food for thought isn't it?

Might be trivial to some, but my fuse was lit.
Which doesn't happen very often.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

A moment

What's this?

I can taste the saltiness of the beads,

That runs down my face.

Uncertainty devours from within

To face the puppet-strung sun

Of which its brightness


Like the tide

Wash away the saltiness, please?

"For a moment, No."

Friday, September 22, 2006

The day UEM called

I've just finished bathing when I saw a missed call.

Oh. Scholarship.
Called back but no one answered -dang!

In the middle of dinner, the phone rang and there it was, again - "UEM"
The scholarship has been offered to yours truly and I was supposed to confirm at the very moment. Yeah, as if fickle-minded ol' Sim Mei would make a big decision like that in an instant.
So, managed to defer the decision to today.
Called papa-o and mummy-o and guess what they said?
After a whole lot of other things; "Up to you."

Ah, but papa knows her daughter very well, so he basically knows that she will think a lot, so he thought for her instead.

The thing is, I would have to be bonded to them for 4 years, on top of the compulsory 4 years government service (1 year housemanship + 3 yrs service)
So if I were to accept and to decide to switch fields, I'd be a ripe old age of 32.
On the plus side, it would be an opportunity to learn from one of the main, if not the biggest pharmaceutical group.
And I would have a job secured for me after the compulsory service.
And oh, did I ever mention that I was actually contemplating a teeny weeny bit about switching to medic?
But that's beside the point and another story altogether. I've been blessed with what I'm doing right now and I'll make the most out of it. I will.

I've had a chat with my mentor and I think I have a better view on things.
But ultimately, the decision is mine, mine all the way.
Let's see how it goes, shall we?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

When banners and papers went a-flying

It's election day today, a day when every single student of UM and other Universities too, it seems,( thanks to, exercise their right to vote.
It was pretty darn exciting in my humble opinion. Maybe it's the fact that I get to vote, for the very first time in my life, just like how I've seen my parents vote, when elections swung by, seeing people in uniforms around the hall (blue, in this case) to take care of order-yeah,order in an empty dining hall- and having people crossing your name out with a red pen when you hand them your card.
The thrill of walking towards the silvery,covered compartments with pen attached, with a secret to keep, a secret that will be translated onto colourful pieces of paper, to be crossed and casted into ballot boxes as part of one huge, multi-tone voice.
I have to say though, that the days leading to it was fairly quiet, especially in my college- the college of "polite" and "nerdy" mostly medical fac's students. Nonetheless, the feel, albeit soft, was there, some of the candidates came over during dinner time (how smart are they, to catch hold of people when they're eating) to campaign in their coats and their flyers and their konco-konco (right hand men).
"How are you?, My name is... "
"Ni hao? Wo shi.."
"Enjoying your food? heh heh."

Seeing their sweaty faces, the least people could do was to stop eating and pay attention to them and to take the effort to read their manifestos. I mean, I'm sure it took guts to approach total strangers, whats more, to ask them to vote for you, so for that, they reserve respect. It's just plain rude to pretend they don't exist and treating their flyers of which they've distributed without any lack of effort as undigested waste material, excreted from the other opening other than the mouth.
It wouldn't hurt to show some support. An ear, an eye, even if your minds don't share the same inkling.

Of course, I've got a free keychain in the process too.

And with elections, there are politics. Pro-government, not so pro-government.
Sad to say, I don't much about either. I didn't get to join any ceramah of any kind, nor talks, nor get a hold of what they are actually fighting for. The only gist I have, carried by a little birdie, is that the government gave you a University building, gave you a place in the University and thus, you're obliged to 'X' near where you think you should.
Another birdie came by and said that you might get kicked out of the college if you don't vote like you, again, should.
Now, should you?
If I don't know any better, I would say that I sound just like a radical.
That's for me to know, and for you to find out.

I'm still waiting for my varsity life to start.
I so don't feel like a University student yet.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wah, bangga.

There was a stack of papers on my class rep's table, 'NOTITIA' it read.
Why Pharmacy? Hmm. Why so very the familiar?
My Name.
It was embarassing and exciting at the same time. An article, by me! My name splashed onto the newspapers 2-paged papers all over the country all over the Pharmacy Department. It wasn't like something big or anything but to see my name printed onto papers distributed to each and every student, I can't help but feel a teeny bit proud.
Now the only thing left to do is to figure out how to distribute these self photostated Notitias' to the whole of UM. heh heh.
Or even to you. Just drop me your address, I'll gladly send you a copy.

With charges applied of course.

Friday, September 08, 2006

For you.

Tsk tsk..sim mei..been neglecting !

How do you say goodbye to a friend who has been part of your life for as long as you could remember?
How do you bid farewell to a classmate of 6 years in primary school, occasional classmates but primarily schoolmates for 5 years of high school and classmates for 2 years of pre-U;
A total of 13 years?
How do you say adieu to a buddy, gossip kaki and lepak mate who's always been so nearby that you can go kacau all the time, well, not all the time, but still.

I don't know how.

But I do know that you've been waiting for this opportunity for the longest time.
I know that this noble journey will bring you towards immeasurable happiness and satisfaction.
And I know for sure that you will achieve all the success in the world and bring to reality the very dream that you're harbouring in your heart.
And that the goodness that is in you will radiate through what you do and what you are.

You've always been someone that I can have conversations with, about life, opinions and principles; someone who I feel (though you might feel differently, but what-ever, lol ) shares my views in most things. Note : Most.
But of course, life would be boring without someone to bicker with.
And we do bicker and fight - you're one helluva superb debate team mate- but it never did get in the way of our friendship, and for that I'm grateful.

We had lots of laughs didn't we?
Lots of good memories to share; intersecting, union sets and subsets of.
And with the powers of technology, loads of stories more to talk about.

So Li Wei, I bid you a safe journey, and that the road that you are on, be filled with pretty, Chanel No. 5- smelling roses.
Have a good time over there, take real good care of yourself, for I'm expecting you to be back in one whole piece! -preferably in a fatter piece- *evil laugh*

Ciao, buddy!
We're so gonna miss our loudspeaker.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I'm Freakin frustrated !
I studied so darn hard for my 2nd Biostats test considering I didn't do well the first time around and it went TOTALLY and INCREDIBLY and HORRIBLY WRONG!
I knew the formulaes, I knew what to do , I knew the tricks
and yet..
It bombed.
The bomb fell through my stupidity and silliness into the pit of despair.
I made mistakes I shouldn't had done.
I feel like banging my head against the wall.
*Bang Bang Bang Bang*

And I totally screwed my practical.

What's the matter with me?!


The past is the past...
Let go and look to the future..
No regrets, just lessons.
A chance to learn and to remember.
I did my best,
that's all that matters.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Of excitement and of almost disappearing off the mark

I’ve been neglecting again, thousand apologies! *with palms together and head wobbling ala Punjab*
Those words that you’ve just read are the first of many, (I hope) in the relative comfort of my own room in the University, on my brand new lappie –laptop- that my BELOVED brother had gotten me just over a week ago.
Mucho gracias dearest koko!
The wooden plank of a table is where I’m at, sitting atop a plastic chair, with the beautiful view of a sun drenched white wall in front of me. Michael is learning to rock in the background following the signs left by Justin Timberlake and Snoop.
Too bad there’s no Wifi service in my room, so I would have to drag this later to the dining hall for this piece to be published.
Nonetheless, I’m good.

This contented feeling is a far cry from just a moment ago when I thought that I would have the adventure of my life.

I got caught in a lift.
It was already 4.30 pm, and most of the students had already left the Department and I, alone, was about to leave the 4th floor to head to the Dean’s Office somewhere in the Faculty.
The lift at the end of the corridor was opened though nobody was there.
Somewhere deep in the pit of my stomach, I felt that something was wrong but being as blur as I could actually be, I unsuspectingly stepped into that empty lift.
The doors closed. I pressed G.
The button lighted up but it was Not Moving. I pressed 2 and 1 and the open door sign. The blardy buttons lighted up cheerily but the lift still would not budge.
What the hell?!
Breathe, amy, breathe.
Don’t breathe so much, you pig, conserve the oxygen! You wanna die in a lift ar?
The button bearing the picture of a bell seemed so, so tempting.
Should I? Shouldn’t I?
Being as honest as honesty can allow, the very first thought that entered my head was,
“OKay, So, you’re in a lift, and it’s not moving. CRAP! There usually is no line in the lift! I wonder how long would it take for them to find me…started dreaming of a tall, muscular, hunky fireman coming to my rescue..”
Checked my phone, full bar of line. *heaves a sigh of relief, wipes off sweat* and tried pressing the buttons again.After for what seemed like forever, it still wouldn’t move. It wasn’t funny anymore.
Budge you gila lift, move it!
Even if you don’t want to budge, open the door, please? I know I’m fat and I need the exercise..I’ll take the stairs..just open the doors..
Decided to call my room mate –Please open lar- dialing –I’m not joking, you better open up, you stooopid lift you,-- and then..

The doors opened.
I dashed out like my life depended on it, even the fastest cheetah could never compete.

*Ting* (Doors of lift closed behind me, mockingly.)

You made me use the stairs.
And my gorgeous fireman scenario did not materialize.
You shall pay, evil lift, one day!

That was one thing, now I’m excited over the other. I finally have my UM student tag, laminated and all shiny! It even came together with its own UM band.
NOW I so feel like a University student. *tingly spine*

That’s today, Monday, the very first day of the week. What will the rest of the week bring?
I know, 2 TESTS !
Oh goody.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Brunch at Kayu's

I have never laughed this much with this bunch of people for the longest time.
I so didn't want the makan to end.
Missed their antics, the carefree school days, the endless laughters, their muhibbah spirit that will just make you go, "Aww.." and our own innocence.
Hard to believe but it's been one whole year since I've met them, them as in Vinesh, Anne (both back from Ukraine over the summer holidays) , Shazeer, Deebs. Unfortunately though,the rest of the gang couldn't make it: Edgar, who's going off to the US on Weds (lucky fella) had a family outing and Hao Shen, who's already Down Under, in Australia.
Nonetheless, it's so good to meet up with them again, especially with Sindhu and Li Ern.
Havoc reigned in Kayu and we took pictures like there's no tomorrow. Literally.
I have a nagging suspicion the person manning the CCTV directly over our heads was laughing his arse off.
Oh well.
Pictures !

With Sindhu, Ern & Anne

With Shazeer, Vinesh and Deeban


Posing part 1 -Notice Vinesh's face

Can't see? HERE. LMAO

Posing 2

Self portrait - Failed attempt cause Sindhu was no where to be seen!

There she is!

Heh Heh Heh..

It was good fun.

Let's do it again!

p/s : Yeah, Hao Shen, it was lousy of us to have a good time without you... No worries, when you come back, we'll have double the fun!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

We will remember

I knew you by name, we were acquaintances, though not close;
We shared many common friends.
You were intelligent, bright,
You were beautiful,
You shone.
Like an evening star, first to appear in the dimmed skies,so early,
That early you left.
You touched many lives,
Your mark, though brief, will always burn,
Forever engraved in memories of sweet, in hearts with fondness,
Wrapped in blankets of warm love.
Soon, too soon. But we know,
You live on.
Your smile and presence,
You live on.
You live on in those who were lucky,
To have bumped into the flower scented path,
that is yours.
You live on.
In words spoken, in deeds done,
You live on.

And we live,
In memory of you.

The news broke.
No words could express.
Silent prayers.

In memory of Lam Soo Kean,
a friend.
I am honoured to have crossed your path.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


So there I was, like a kambing from a kampung, stepping into my dream University ever since I could remember, the prestigious University Malaya, with no clue of what to expect and hoping against hope that I will not be too disappointed, in a sea of people from various backgrounds, of multitude of attitudes and stuck with thousands of unrecognizable faces.
I pretended I didn't care, I acted cool and nonchalant but in fact, but I was intimidated and I was terrified.
I have to be away from home, for goodness sake, having to make new friends and create brand new impressions all over again.
Since I was thrown into the ocean, I gotta swim!
And the longest week of my life started, Minggu Haluansiswa.
The only thing I could remember was sleeping at the wee hours of the morning and waking up at 5.30 a.m. of which my roomie and I overslept 2 days IN A ROW.
The feeling of waking straight up and seeing that it's startlingly bright outside churns your stomach, I tell you.
We got punished of course.
I remember feeling lethargic all the time, with the various activities happening almost one after the other and I remember walking a lot to the Dewan Tunku Chanselor(DTC) and back, with each trip a 15 minute walk I think? , sometimes having to run all the way there.

And most of all, I remember being awed by the sheer size of students in the DTC, in numerous colours of the colleges, thousands and thousands of us, gathered together, as UM students.
I remember thinking how small I am, in this wave of youngsters, future prime ministers, doctors, professionals, singers, accountants, all so articulate, so different, so raw.
I remember feeling a tingling sensation up my spine.
But that is all tangled up in memories of getting insufficient sleep.

And of course, I was in the sketch too, and though we had to sacrifice sleep to practice, and though we didn't win, but the praises we got, and the friendships made, was well worth it. Sweet.

And oh btw, my group, Group 12, won the best group. LMAO.

Honestly, being in a University isn't all it's cut out to be. Sometimes I feel like I've placed it on so high a pedestal that I ended up being sorely disappointed. Adjustments had to be made immediately for practically all chinese there speak mandarin as their main language, making me feel like an utterly complete fool but they are kind and willing to help a banana like me.
I have to say though that it hurts to actually feel the injustice since you're in the midst of it all, towards STPMers, those who couldn't get what they wanted and those who didn't get anything at all. But that is a sensitive topic. For they advocate the fact that no matter where we come from, we're ONE once we're in.

In a way, that's true as we're on the same level field now, but the field a yard before this field isn't all that level after all, if you get my drift.


I'm coping right now, and I feel better than I did during the first 2 weeks, and I'm grateful.
The only thing I can do is to hope that everything will turn out right for everyone and that pretty soon, we'll be able to settle in, I will be able to settle in.

One day at a time.
One breath at a time.

Hakuna matata, baby!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

1 minute update

I have 1 minute to do this, as the next batch of people's about to enter the lab for pharmacoinformatics, so here goes. Super short, mind you.

- I'm dead tired.
- Crappy orientation still going on with classes already starting, plus practicals, reports and assignments due every day
- Crappy signature taking from the seniors, with some totally unwilling to give without some humiliation of some sort.
- I've drank air kencing manis so far.
- I've danced.
- I've acted as if I found loads of money and realized they are fake.
- I've modelled.

-I need some sleep.

-I need some familiar faces to pull me out from this rut of self-destruction.

-I shall slowly detail my first few weeks in UM later on.

-I need to go.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Farewell to potty

I am to embark on a brand new journey tomorrow morning. Uncharted territory, treacherous, murderous, unstable.

So drama.

I'm really going off now, for a week? 2 weeks before I come back home? who's to know.

To ma tai is it? or tai ma (big horse) ? lol.

To ye ol' University.

I'm the epitome of mixed emotions. Excited one second, terrified the other, selamba the third and messed-up the fourth. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Independence has it's own pulling power ( Cousin : UM very the near to Bangsar hor *wink wink* )

But you can bet your last dollar on the fact that I will miss my family so darn much it almost hurts.

I'll try to leave with no expectations, an open heart and an open mind.

Until the moment I find spare time in an old, computer-filled, lighted computer lab, or till the time I'm back home, I bid you,


and Goodnight.

Lots of love,

Friday, June 30, 2006

Of Superman and The Last Supper.

Finally was able to meet up with Esther (who was on holiday some more), Hao Shen and Kin Wai yesterday before KW leaves for Johor, and me to K.L (so far hor) this weekend. HS will be leaving too, to Australia on the 14th; HS if you're reading this, you better not leave without a word !
And so we went to watch none other than the man of steel, superb Superman on the silver screen. I was anxious, excited and I wasn't disappointed.
The very moment the opening credits start to swerve in and out, in the middle of space, with its millions of stars on a humongous screen whilst its familiar spine-tingling tune -da da DA, DadadaDaDADA.. boomed in surround sound, I knew that was it. I was a born-again fan.
I liked Christopher Reeves who was somewhat irreplaceable but Brandon looked the part and fitted almost like a glove. He's cute to boot, sometimes too perfect to be real as Esther had pointed out in the cinema.
Plus, I've always loved Kevin Spacey since The Negotiator and it's alright that Kate Bosworth was one time Legolas's (Orlando Bloom) rumoured or not? lady love. Who can blame him?
And OMG, that hair with the curled 's' in front. I've almost forgotten about that!
It was great and it was a feast.
Go watch it.

Met Anne-who had just came back from Ukraine for a 2 months break and Thava too, after lunch and after Kin Wai had left. We practically stood there in a circle talking for about 45 minutes before deciding to sit down and talk somemore. They're both well and doing good, I might add.
Both of 'em left, and the 3 of us trooped back to watch another movie, for a steal of RM3 thanks to KW's free tickets, for Scary Movie 4.
Like I've expected, a silly spoof movie, with crude laughs in between.
But at least I've watched it. *grins*

Night falls, YJ and I went over to Mr. Prasad's to give him a gift before meeting up with the gang at Lil' Asia.
Ah, tuitions.
No more for me !
They're called tutorials now.

We figured that Lil' Asia wasn't enough and so we adjourned to LW for more lepak'ing sessions.
He had to go home early you see.
I called home, explaining the crisis.
"Mom, we're going over to LW's house, Pauline will send me home later."
"Oh. Why?"
"Because he had to go home early."
"Ah, and the rest of don't have to?"
Almost immediately : "Yeah."

Wait...that doesn't sound right.

And the sentenced replayed in my head again, coupled with my mom's sarcastic tone :
"And the rest of you don't have to ?"

Oh. Crap.

"Er, no lar no lar, heh heh "-attempt to rectify mistake, failed.

We bought a tub of ice-cream over and there we were,
Pau, Ling, YJ, LW and I, in the living room having our last (at the moment) supper of fattening ice-cream together.
In the spirit of togetherness : One fat, all fat!
Pau will be off to Johor tomorrow before the break of dawn, YJ to UPM and Ling to Sabah on Sunday.
And of course, the tai lou, LW to the Czech Republic in September who never fails to remind us how lucky we are to remain in Malaysia.
I admit, I was sad, it was melancholy and sombre.
Of course, they HAD to dig up some personal old buried history but that's the thing, it's history that we have together. Best-forgotten history, best-remembered history, laughter, stumbles and secrets.
As beautiful as the memories are,
I do believe that the future's just as beautiful.
New steps, now, baby steps at first but we'll run soon enough.
And by then, we'll have new stories to share.

New memories to build.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sheep in the city

I played tourist guide to my parents today.
The only thing missing was a purple umbrella, a bright smile and sticker tags.
So, we went to the big city of Kuala Lumpur, like sheeps in the city. Brought them to Taman Jaya Putra LRT Station-"Har? Have to walk so far ar? I thought you said the station is beside the Amcorp Mall parking bays?" " It IS, mom.", commuted to KL Sentral and then hitched a ride on the Monorail(of which was my mom's and dad's first) to Bukit Bintang.
I know, I know, why not stop at Imbi and save 50 cents?

Me : "So, here we are. If we stop at Imbi, it's RM1.60 and we would have to cross the road and walk not far to Sg Wang and Bintang Walk. If stop at Bkt Bintang leh, it's more expensive but no need to walk lar."

Mom : "No, I don't want to walk, Stop at Bkt Bintang !"

'Nuff said.

Thus we arrived at around 1 pm, while my Kuok Foundation Interview (which was why I went there in the first place) was scheduled at 4 pm. So what's a girl and her mom, and her trudging dad to do but to while the time away, shopping ? Give my mom a shopping complex to walk in and she won't ever complain about having to walk a lot.
After lunch of course, at KFC.
Dad : "Come to K.L to eat KFC. Yeah."

"The chicken here is nicer!" Of course.

And so I bought, well technically my parents bought for me, trackpants, working slacks at 50% off and a long sleeved shirt at 70% off over at Sg. W. and Isetan.
And, surprise of all surprises, my mom bought me a white gold ring, which I kinda liked very, very much and best of all, it was at a bargain price.
And I'm there to beg for a loan and/or grant with a white gold ring, Esprit watch and gold chain. YEAH. Smart right?!
For the record, the watch was a gift, the ring less than 40 bucks and the chain was bought long time ago. Shucks, I should have just gone there without anything.
Without any accessories, not clothes, mind you.
But they're all my good luck charm mar.

I wasn't nervous, at first, but when you're sitting on the couch outside the room, freakin cold with the clerk fiddling with the computer, knowing that whatever happens behind that door will decide whether you get or not, my heart involuntarily palpitated. For a while.
I don't get it, I tend to be nervous during interviews, making silly lame jokes and sounding more nervous, squeky and softer than I would have liked.
And I'll bla until I don't know what I'm bla'ing about.

A bell rang, an indication that I'm supposed to go in.
2 chinese ladies sat at the table, with a chair placed opposite them.

Lub Dup Lub Dup.

"Good afternoon, er, Miss Chuah?"

Lub Dup Lub Dup.

"Good afternoon ! " Trying to sound as cheerily and less forced as humanly possible.

"Please sit."

Lub Dup Lub Dup.

And so I sat, at the edge of the chair, back straight.

"Oh, do lean back, relax, don't worry"

And so I did lean back, a little.

"You can lean back some more , make yourself comfortable"

I haven't even noticed that I hadn't lean back as much as they would want me too, so I meekly did as I was told.

And so it started.

Lub Dup.......teeeeeeet [ straight heart line indicating no heart beat]

I wish.
I shall not bore you with the details, though.
It ended and let's pray hard shall we?
Even if I don't get it, I'm sure they gave it to more deserving students who needed the help more than me. So it's alright.

On the way home,

"It's pretty easy isn't it travelling around K.L."


"So next time your papa and I can go jalan-jalan by ourselves when you go off to the University la"

WTH, without me?! " er..Yeah."

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I've been tagged by dear Shin Dhee!

Numero uno : Name 20 people from the top of your head. No peeking!

Numero dos : Answer the questions.

Numero tres : Tag other people.

Here goes .

1. Pauline
2. Li Wei
3. Yi Jiang
4. Woei Jye
5. Chia Hau
6. Ee Von
7. Esther
8. Maggie
9. Kenny
10. Li Ern
11. See Wah
12. Steve
13. Karin
14. Kam
15. Choon Yen
16. Shin Dhee
17. May Lynn
18. Kin Wai
19. Preeta
20. Gaya

1. How did you meet 14 [Kam]?
From school..Were schoolmates since Form 1, and occasional classmates for some years.

2. What would you do if you had never met 1 [Pauline] ?
What would I do? I would hunt around for someone like Pauline!
It would indeed be a shame to miss out on meeting someone with as much heart and goodness as her. And I would miss a lot of laughter too.

3. What would you do if 20 [Gaya] and 9 [Kenny] dated you?
Lol. I wouldn't mind both actually but I suspect in both cases, many people would be after my head!

4. Would 6 [ Ee Von ] and 17 [May Lynn] make a good couple?
They are already kind of related anyways and both have other halves, so no!

5. Describe 3 [ Yi Jiang ].
Heh heh. Where shall I start? He's obviously extremely intelligent, articulate and smart. Fun, friendly and conscientious, not to mention popular. A bundle of energy and very reliable. A great friend, really!

6. Do you think 8 [Maggie] is attractive?
Definitely! Without a doubt! Sooo cute!

7. Tell me something about 7 [Esther].
She's the longest and dearest friend of mine. 14 years?! She's generous and extremely caring; has a bubbly personality which endears her to those that are close to her, like a magnet! Can practically talk about anything! You can never have a dull moment with her around!

8. Do you know anything about 12's [Steve] family?
I know they're in Bentong lar. But that's about it.

10. What would you do if 11 [See Wah] confess that he/she likes you?
I wouldn't be surprised..she does show some lesbian a good way! lmao.

11. What language does 15 [Choon Yen] speak?
English, Mandarin, Hokkien i guess?

12. Who is 9 [ Kenny] going out with?
Erm...I don't think he's going out with anyone right now..If there is, he'd better tell me!

13. How old is 16 [ Shin Dhee ] now?
Just turned 19 this month!

14. When was the last time you talked to 13 [Karin ]?
Quite long ago, I think it was during Kenny's birthday bash.

15. Who is 2's [ Li Wei] favourite singer?
Only one?! I know he listens to people like Jason Mraz, That Italian fella, Gavin deGraw, that Blue fella.. Maxim ain't a singer though.

16. Would you date 4 [ Woei Jye]?
He's already taken. Just recently!

17. Would you date 7 [Esther]?
In a heartbeat!

18. Is 15 [ Choon Yen ] single?

19. What's 10's [ Li Ern ] last name?
Her surname's Chee.

20. Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11 [ See Wah]?
She's a girl. I'm a girl. SO whaddya think? *winks

21. What school does 3 [ Yi Jiang ] go to?
He'll be a University student very soon. An excellent University student, I'm sure.

22. Where does 6 [ Ee Von] live?
I know enough lar!

23. What's your favourite thing about 5? [ Chia Hau]
Innocence? heh heh.

Now, it's your turn,
Esther, Maggie, Kin Wai !