Saturday, December 16, 2006

Of worn and yellow pages

I came this close to heaven today.
It was beautiful.

I stepped into the hall and had to compose myself. Took a deep breath and plunged in.
Rows upon rows, stacks upon stacks of books.
Superb, brilliant albeit a bit yellow books.
All going for freakin' low prices!
To feel all those covers, both hard and soft and to read and browse through each and every one, it was seriously exhilarating. The best part was, you can actually feel the love! All those people with baskets-ahem, yours truly, included- with books in them, book lovers unite!
I spotted not 1, but 2 copies of one of my favourite, favourite books of all time; The Education of Little Tree, which is quite difficult to find. I was so tempted to grab one just so I could have 2 but I figured I should share it, and let someone else find it and read it, hopefully.
See? I'm so considerate.
I spotted another novel which I bought not too long ago for almost 35 bucks going for rm3. What the hell?
I was sore.

I came out unscathed though, and no, I didn't buy all of them. I even took out some from my basket.
In the end, grabbed 9 books for a meagre RM24.20.
That's even less than what one usually pays for 1 !
I'm ecstatic.

I'm so ecstatic I'm listing down what I bought. For the heck of it.

Notes to Myself -Hugh Prather.
The moment I saw this worn little book I just knew it's for me. With a line like :
"Unless I accept my faults I will most definitely doubt my virtues. "
Gimme more!

Snow Falling on Cedars-David Guterson
Heard about it, curiosity seeps in. Oh well, it's only RM2.50.

The Stone Diaries-Carol Shields
Pulitzer Prize Winner. I'm always a sucker for prize winners; just so I can judge for myself how good it really is.

Sula - Toni Morrison
Oprah's favourite. We shall see eh?

Oliver Twist-Charles Dickens
I doubt I will read this as I've already seen the movie. But it's a classic nonetheless, so buy to keep la!

Midwives-Chris Bohjalian
Wow. Cool name. Boh-ja-lian. It's not a to-do book though.
So no, after reading this I still wouldn't know how to deliver your baby for you.

Song of Solomon-Toni Morrison
She's a Nobel Prize winner man!

A Man Of The World- Jane Hamilton
It has Oprah's Book Club's chop on its front cover.
'Nuff said.

So peeps, If you're interested, head over to 3K Complex in Subang/Sunway ( next to A&W), 2nd floor.
Pay Less Books Stock Clearance is on til tomorrow!

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