Friday, April 28, 2006

You May Wonder..

Why am I happy?

1. A few Chelsea members are in my house courtesy of Kin Wai (there's Lampard, Terry, Drogba and a few others ).

2. The Da Vinci Code is in my hands! Finally!

3. I'm going to Penang tomorrow.

4. Managed to not just stay at home today.

Dropped by at school today to return a Biology practical book which I accidentally left at home, at the same time fill Pn Rohana in on what's been happening, and disturb Li Teng after her lessons, plus go thank all the teachers and pentadbirs for everything, and to see the students. Oh yeah, and for fun too.

Lunch beckons in Klang town after that with Kin Wai, May Lynn, Esther and Hao Shen and for afters, A&W floats. Got spotted by a student there. Gosh, I have to start behaving myself in public just in case anyone sees me.

"You know hor , yesterday, I saw our ex teacher laughing like a lunatic in Bkt Tinggi"
"Yalar! I saw her drunk that day"
"Yeah Yeah! acting like one mad fella"
"Eeeeaaa... I saw her that day dunno wearing what"

Paranoia. Haha.

Anyways, it was fun, though lunch was in the sweltering heat. Laughed like hyenas and reminisced bout the good ol' days. Believe me when I say that you wouldn't wanna know what we, or rather what KW and HS were hysterical about for I do not wish to taint your innocence. We ended up heading home only at around 5 something. Seriously nothing else better to do punya case!

As for the Chelsea players, they'll be staying for good over here. They rather enjoyed the Malaysian weather, food and people, especially a certain someone like, ahem, me, you see. I discreetly took a picture of them (Camera-shy lar) and here's what they actually look like in real life :

From left : Robben, Drogba, Lampard, Kezman (ex), Terry.

Thanks Kin Wai and May Lynn for these beauties !

Thursday, April 27, 2006

turning 20 part II

I woke up at 8 something today, considerably early I should say, feeling like there's something missing. Okay, I'll admit it. I miss being in school ! There, I've said it. Satisfied? I miss the students there (a lot), the teachers and stuff. It's been great fun, didn't regret it one bit.

What are the odds? My last day was also the day I supposedly became older(true) and wiser (not so true). It's definitely right what they say, the best things in life are free. Each sincere birthday wish, every handshake by people I know,people I don't; the smiles, the birthday songs, man, those are the best I tell you. Stuff that money can't buy.

Blur as a sotong that morning, thanks to a restless night, I fortunately managed to get through the lesson (finished up Chapter 4) without much of a glitch. I hope. After some bouts of chatting and answering sessions from the likes of 'How to study' to 'How to pay attention' to my single status, yes, I'm single; of course there'd be a photography session. Whaddya expect?
It was superb fun. And they were SOOOOOO sweet, 4S2 got me a cake!! gosh, you could just wipe me off the floor.
The funniest thing was, though there were 20 candles on the cake, only 18 were lit. So, technically, I've just turned 18!
Good bunch of people, each one of them unique and holds a special place in my heart!


First up, with some of the 5V1 'ers, 2 days ago.

Then, 4S1 : guys. Some studious, some talkative but all great!

4S1 : pretty girls

Went to STARbucks with Li Teng during the break for a final session of makan. She belanja'ed. Thanks LT ! Talked crap as usual, lmao, but it was great.

Delicious Nasi Lemak. Really !

4S3 : Guys. Wacky bunch ! Never fails to crack me up! As a student (inside joke)

4S3 : Cutie pies.. Note : the thing I was holding? A birthday present! Venki and gang came in, in the middle of the class to wish moi and to give me something too. Super expensive. A jelly. Green in colour, no less! LOL

4S2 surprised with a Burd-day cake =)

1st bite ! As sweet as ....erm. sweet can be. I'm so obviously an amateur, it's like I'm a magnet for chalk. It's everywhere. And it seems only I break the chalks when I use them. No other teachers break chalks ! What to do, Xena mar, hoh?

4s2 ! You're more than the class with the cake. SO much more !

Went home, rushed and took a quick bath. Waited for them to come pick me up. They as in Li Wei, Yi Jiang and Pauline. The rest were either in the middle of exams or working. I'm not complaining..It's good 'nuff to have them spend the day with moi! Destination : 1U for lunch and lepak. Kin Wai met us there, yes thank you Kin Wai for forsaking your sleep over this. Makan'ed at this place, Bar B Q. Not bad lar, actually. An experience!

The Driver. Heh heh.

1st, spread this meat-or-squid-or-oil-or-something over the hot plate.

Then, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, use your chopsticks (not a spoon, not a fork, not a knife, but chopsticks) to place meat, vegetables, udon, squid, prawns and loads (I mean, loads) of cabbages, etc on the plate OR in the circle of soup surrounding the island of hot plate. Now tell me, Is it NOT interesting?

Wait...patience my friend...and voila! dig in!

After the early dinner, we ate at about 5 something? We went shopping for May Lynn's present. Yes, we went shopping for another's birthday present on my birthday. 2 birds with one stone, people! Went round and round and round and STILL couldn't get anything. Trooped back Bkt Tinggi Kayu for supper. The gang bought me a Tesco cake as a symbol of birthday I guess? I never would have thunk it : Birthday cake at Kayu. Thank goodness they didn't sing. God forbid! But these are the simple things in life, thosai telur, Milo panas, chocolate cake and friends. Lepak'ed til bout 11.30 p.m.

Note : The two knives and the candles. Can't see the candles? Well, they're made of good wishes and intentions. Stuff that you can't see but can feel.

By the way, the blueberry cake is still uncut in the fridge.

At 11.45, Hao Shen dropped by to pass me presents. Sweet!

Thanks everyone for your time, effort and wishes.

Those stuff beats material things anytime.

And of course, thank you for your presents!

It IS like any other day anyway, only it succeeded in making me feel special, even if it's for a day.

Lurve you guys, muaks !

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm 20 !!!!!!!!

I've finally hit the 2's.
How do I feel you might ask?
Just like a small kid.
Got my first presents just now, as in on the 25th. Padawan's mom baked me a cake, a superb looking blueberry cake, just like what you see in the bakeries etc, which I'm really grateful for. (My very first home made birthday cake!)
Padawan's family gave me a card and prezzies too, which they didn't have to of course, but they did anyway.
Mucho gracias !
AND, my brother bought me Hush Puppies slippers !
Didn't think that he would actually go buy them eventhough I've been hinting quite obviously that my slippers are worn out, too slippery, too loose, etc. lmao.
Thanks koko !
SO. What's my day gonna be like today?
Okay, after blogging, read up on bio notes for tomorrow's lessons, sleep, wake up, eat, go to school, come home, go out, eat, lepak, come home, eat, blog some more, sleep. And of course, reply messages.
Just like any other day, except,
it's the 26TH !
All shall bow to me, and whoever else born on this day.
Have a good day people.
Lotsa love, me.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Papa

HaPPY BiRthDay Dearest Papa,

Though you don't know the existence of this blog, but anyway, Love ya lots and lots and lots...
Happy 59th!

Friday, April 21, 2006


Li Teng and I renamed our school canteen as STARbucks ( 'Star' as in STAR school. Cold, I know but anyway..) It's not that bad actually because the teachers' lounge is air-conditioned and the ice blended is SO worth it at RM1.50. Mocha, man!
I mean, you can get like 7 of the same if you go to the original Starbucks.
Value for money !
Anyone who knows me knows that I seldom eat canteen food. In fact I just don't eat in school. I did, though, today coz Jeff n Emily came over to school and we were lepaking at the teachers' corner. The fried thingy that I bought was not bad actually, though I didn't really like the hot dog wrapped in fried bread. Bad combination.
So there we were, talking bout prefects, being teachers, the pay, universities and banana leaf rice (Yes, the topic will eventually veer to food) when I realized that we're actually gonna leave school. Like in my case, I'm actually GONNA leave school next week. As a student and as a teacher. 2 months came and went just like that.
Soon, if we are able to get in, we'll be University students. I'm gonna have to make my own bed, iron my clothes and do all the other stuffs that I'm supposed to do. (Yes, my dad will make my bed for me, jealous? and he irons my clothes, I know, I'm a BAD daughter, I'm sorry.)
I feel old.
but it's the weekend so I feel fine.
It's absolutely obvious that LT and I look like brand new teachers. We dragged home piles and piles of books home today to be marked over the weekend when the rest of the teachers just carried their handbags and briefcases.
Thanks to Jeff and Em lar, I ended up chatting instead of staying in the staffroom marking 'em. Tsk tsk, bad sim mei.

Father's birthday coming up, 23rd April. What to get him leh?
Any suggestions?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

17th April

Meeting the rest of the gang is always a good thing.
So I was, truthfully, looking forward to this day.
But, I was kind of nervous about having to speak too. I had this terror that I would just waste this chance away and not make a speech that spells 'OoomPH' .
I'm grateful that I managed to get through it.
Thank you for your support too, I really appreciate it. Tho' midway through I sensed a lot must be dozing their heads off.
But I'm glad I managed to do what I set out to do, that is to speak for everyone there,straight from the heart, and it's enough for me to know that there are people who got it, no matter how few.
All your compliments really made my day!

With Gaya n Li Teng

STPM'ers with their certs.
You can take a prefect out of craziness, but never craziness out of a prefect (or an ex-, for that matter)

With Peck Ling n Yei Sang

Lepaking afters.

----------------Keep in touch, people ! , Lurve ya~----------------------

Sunday, April 16, 2006

'Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live' - Morrie Schwartz

Recently finished : Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom
Currently reading : Was by Geoff Ryman

Tuesdays with Morrie didn't disappoint. It's a small, simple book. Simple and yet it strikes straight to your heart due to its simplicity and profoundness. You'll catch yourself thinking, "Why didn't I think of that?"
Now the hardest part is to hold on to what you're feeling when you're in the book. Most often than not, people just go on with their lives and forget about it.
"Oh, I must cherish my life more, I must LIVE like there's no tomorrow."
The next moment, you find yourself swearing that your life is cursed.

It's easier to beat yourself up and wallow in self-pity than to actually look at the good things. Maybe because it IS as difficult as it is, it's all the more better for you.
I forgot when I stopped consciously looking at only the bright side. Cynicism had a foot in my door.
I'm slamming it shut. Too bad for your foot.
On the bright side, you get to rest for the rest of your day / days.

Friday, April 14, 2006


I'm bored.

Okay. I'm a recent convert of Stairway to Heaven. It's been showing on 8tv n AEC since i don't know when and I've just started getting hooked a few days ago? Easy to catch up mar.
SO, now I know who's in love with who, who's Not in love with who, who got backstabbed by whom and who's actually stepbrothers/stepsisters with whom.
Stepbrothers like stepsisters a lot huh?
If you ever watch Korean serials, you'd definitely notice that someone would cry EVERY SINGLE episode.
And sacrifices. Sacrifices are a must. And someone must die or is/will be dying, slowly.

But I'm still watching anyway.

It's FriIIday..FrIiiIiiday.
It's official. My last day's on the 26th, the day some of my friends will be off to colleges, Universities, etc.
The day where I'll be a penganggur kehormat once more.

Have a rockin' weekend, people.
A safe and rockin' weekend.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


This week's been pretty quiet so far *hint* *hint*
Okay, I managed to finish marking a huge stack of Bio papers; which totally increased my respect to all teachers who had to mark them every other month, plus books to boot. When I was marking 'em they never seem to finish!
I guess it didn't help at all that I was sitting cross-legged on the sofa in front of the TV with a red pen in hand. The pen is Indeed mightier than the sword.
I dunno, I think I'm too strict in marking? Or too, erm, detailed?
Thank goodness I have my brother to help me total the marks. Whether he willingly did it or not, I didn't care. At all.

My family and I went to Brickfields temple yesterday for Thanksgiving purposes, after which we went for lunch somewhere in some SS something in PJ which has lots and LOTS of food. What's more, they even have 'chee cheong fun' served in Penang style, with 'He Ko' . YUMMY! Who needs to drive to Penang when you can get them in good ol' PJ? after which we adjourned to Pyramid(yes, again!) for some shopping, on my brother's part. And me. A little.

Back to school today, almost couldn't wake up and returned the aforementioned papers.. *evil laugh*
OMG, it's soooo fun to be on the other end for once, threatening to read out their marks (of which I didn't, I still remember how I dreaded it before) and had them begging me for extra 1 or 2 or even 1/2 a mark. I did help what I could tho'.
The Suria magazine's photography session was held today too and guess what? I get to sit riiiiiight at the middle. In the TEACHER'S chair. LMAO.
Had padawan just now and now I'm here. Facing the computer.

oh, another thing.
It's A-P-R-I-L, in case you haven't noticed.
How thick skinned can I be?
Argh. paiseh betul.

Recently finished : Saving fish from drowning by Amy Tan
New addition and current read : Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom.

Friday, April 07, 2006

afternoon delight

After work
Victoria Station
delicious food
delirious company
mad laughter
hanging around in hostels
incessant chatter
Ice Age 2
+ dinner with family
Good Wednesday

Let's do that again !