Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm 20 !!!!!!!!

I've finally hit the 2's.
How do I feel you might ask?
Just like a small kid.
Got my first presents just now, as in on the 25th. Padawan's mom baked me a cake, a superb looking blueberry cake, just like what you see in the bakeries etc, which I'm really grateful for. (My very first home made birthday cake!)
Padawan's family gave me a card and prezzies too, which they didn't have to of course, but they did anyway.
Mucho gracias !
AND, my brother bought me Hush Puppies slippers !
Didn't think that he would actually go buy them eventhough I've been hinting quite obviously that my slippers are worn out, too slippery, too loose, etc. lmao.
Thanks koko !
SO. What's my day gonna be like today?
Okay, after blogging, read up on bio notes for tomorrow's lessons, sleep, wake up, eat, go to school, come home, go out, eat, lepak, come home, eat, blog some more, sleep. And of course, reply messages.
Just like any other day, except,
it's the 26TH !
All shall bow to me, and whoever else born on this day.
Have a good day people.
Lotsa love, me.

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Esther said...

Happy 20th!!