Friday, November 25, 2005

It's Friday.

Esther, Ee Von and I met up with Maggie for a pizza lunch today. We decided upon one of the first outlets in Klang, the one beside formerly-known-as-Ocean. My goodness, the staffs there are Super friendly and I meant that with every sense of the word. I suspect there was an undercover service inspector with eyes of a hawk and ears of erm..sim mei? Somewhere. Or maybe it's just their policy to be nice.

We ordered a set recommended for 4, which we later found hard to finish by the way,

and Waitress 1 : Itu saja ke?
Do we looked like ravaged eaters?
Waitress 2 came up to our table to check the bill and make small talk for like 4 times?

This same waitress also commented, “ You semua, comel-comel!” when we were about to leave.
Oh well, she's just stating the obvious. :Þ

Talked about stuff which i will not mention here and other benign stuffs. Had a blast. Too bad Maggie had to leave for work while the rest of us went to 1 U ! Woo hoo!

We went prom dress shopping, well, Ee Von and Esther mainly, as for me, just trying on for fun as I haven't even bought the tickets yet!
Tried a few in Blook. I like Blook. One was so low cut I could bet 1 million my father would not let me out of the house, One was ok but too clingy..can see everything!But kinda cheap, less than 100 bucks.
Ee von found her dress though, she looked nice in it!
Makan'ed in a place called “Old Asia” . Oh man, the food i ordered sucked! It was claypot 'lou shi fun' and they cooked it like cantonese fried kuay teow. Maybe it's just not to my taste.
Forgive me for I have sinned, I didn't finish my food!
Waitress : “Eh, kenapa tak habis?”
I was so tempted to say “Yela, Tak sedap ma” but I succesfully refrained myself.

It was just my luck that I had just reached home when Li Ern called for mamak with Choon Yen. I SO wanted to say yes but i could feel my parents boring a hole into the back of my head with their stares so *sigh had to say no. I'll be leaving for Penang tomorrow morning anyways and I haven't pack my stuff into the bag. Crap la, couldn't fit it all.The bag shrunk.

So to the few peeps who actually read this, I'll be in Penang till Wed. Looking forward to seeing those who are going later, later on Monday!

Signing off,

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Am I waiting for something unattainable?
Am I thinking too much?
Am I too full of myself?
Am I well, me?
Don't mean to hurt
Take a shot. No regrets.
One Tree Hill, I think.

da first movie post exams

oo...hectic day..met the peeps for breakfast in McD (very healthy i know) to tie up some loose ends regarding the Penang trip..traipsed over to Tesco to buy BBQ stuffs, skipped to Giant to buy 4 bottles of wine, makan'ed then over to JJ for a movie.
I finally watched Hairy Potty. Verdict?

  • Why aren't there any bodies around when the tents got scorched during the Quidditch World Cup? Oh yeah. They're magic. Or maybe I just didn't notice it.
  • Liked the dragon part but the dragon seemed to die a lil' bit too easily for my liking.
  • Everyone's been talking bout Cedric but i felt that the only cute guys in the movie were the Weasley twins. Weird taste, i know.
  • Is it just me and my dirty mind or is this movie kinda filled with more sexual innuendos? Like when the reporter wanted to interview “the poor 12 yr old boy” Harry in the broom closet and when Moaning Myrtle wanted to see more then Harry would've liked...I's meant for kids to watch isn't it?
    “Ah ! But you see..they are meant to know about it sooner or later..its a lesson for boys to cover up and girls to learn to want to see, you see.”
  • Poor, poor Cedric.
  • Voldemort looked cool with a snake-like nose...2 little cute slits.
  • I don't have a grudge against Cho Chang.

Kenny couldn't hold back his tears when Cedric died. Practically the whole time!'d think he has a secret crush on Cedric or something...Unfortunately, its just a case of runny nose.SO anti-climatic.
Went to Amata's for dinner. Real dinner, with rice and dishes and everything.
Finally bought a present for my mom, a pair of diamond earrings..real one k!I'm glad she loved it.. I have good taste i tell ya.oh, perasan.

Yay! finally can go makan with est, ee von and maggie..its been quite long since i've seen her..thank you for saving me from boredom!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Opening Ceremony Part II

what? No ribbon cutting? No lion dance? No VIPs?

I figured that i'm going to have loads of time on my hands and so i'm relaunching this blog..poor poor neglected thus far..ain't promising i won't be neglecting afterwards !

News flash : in case you haven't already known, the big S.T.P.M is finally and truly over. Don't think i did as well as i should but that's a whole another story. It really dawns that this is the last time i'd be studying in school. The sucker of what, 7 years of my life? If only the walls could talk.....what stories it would weave. Of laughter and tears, of achievements and sheer embarassments and of lessons learnt. Mix it all up with people met and lives intertwined what do you get? 7 years of life.

So, the question is, what next? I'm already bored but i'm not complaining. I don't have a care in the world and I love it.
I guess among the most FAQ among students after this period of exams must be :
“So..heh heh..what are You gonna do after this? "
Honestly, I don't know but i find myself answering :
“Eat and sleep. And eat some more.”
Ain't nuthin wrong with that.......rite?

To all ex STPMers... rock on..your whole life is spread out ahead of you like a vast ocean. I'd like to believe that this exam does not define who you are. Only You have the liberty to do that.