Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I want my ice cream

I have a feeling that age is catching up on me.
Looks like I ain't that much of a thrill seeker these days after all * shakes head*
How was Genting I hear you ask?
I enjoyed screaming on the Corkscrew finally, and flying down the Solero albeit only once.
It was indescribable, being able to sashay through the guards into the casino - ever ready to whip out my IC if ever they dared to ask for my age and they didn't (which meant only 2 things : one, that I look old; two, that my beauty is so mesmerizing that they just let me pass.)
I personally prefer the second one.
Being in a casino might seem like such a trivial thing to most but I was blown away. By the sheer number of uncles and grandmas there that is. To my dismay, no sign of cigar smoking, gun-trotting mafia around but I did feel like a kambing out of the kampung.
I didn't enjoy the unbreathable smoke-filled air and I definitely did not enjoy donating 10 bucks to Uncle Lim Goh Tong.

I did enjoy freezing my butt off at Starbucks hanging onto my steaming cup of coffee with fellow insomniacs, talking about everything under the moon until almost 3 in the morning.
I particularly enjoyed watching AC Milan win the cup. HAH!
Well, I managed to stay awake for 45 minutes anyway.
And woke up in time for the 2nd goal.

It was good.

The down side to all that excitement, all of last week was the realization of how this week couldn't be more different.
I could be in Zouk right this moment if only my parents had said yes.
Or I could have been over at Ern + Karin + See Wah 's place for a sleepover if only the plan did not fall through at the last minute.
Instead, I witnessed John Travolta twirl Uma Thurman around, watched cutie pie Bruce Willis bawl his eyes out trying to save 2 kids from self-destructing teenagers, spent time with Dick and finding myself falling in awe with Shirley Maclaine.
And saw Jen Aniston give up the glam life with Kevin Costner to be with something Ruffalo.

To top it all, my appetite doubled these few days.
Ah, sod it.
I need some chocolates.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Of cock-a-doodle-doo!


21 years old and thinking about my mortality? What a weird, weird day.
No thanks to Oprah who had this guest on to talk about the bird flu epidemic in Turkey and Asia, namely China, Thailand, etc.
I haven't deleted much of geography from the hard drive inside my skull so I know fully well that Malaysia is just south of Thailand, very much a part of the beautiful land that is Asia.
Malaysia, truly Asia alright.
It IS a big thing, and well, you can't just believe a hundred percent what one person says, but that person rattled my feathers, so to speak. And Oprah's too for that matter.
Seems that the influenza pandemic in 1918 (lasting around 18 months) which left 50 - 100 million people dead is definitely happening again.
The influenza strain killed many in the 20-40 age group, which many would regard as the healthiest among all homo sapiens. But that's just it, the healthier you are, the faster you die.
Talk about irony.

There is no 'maybe' , no 'probabilities', no 'I'm not sure';
He is saying that it IS going to happen.
We just don't know when and how.
It's like sitting in a comfy armchair with a coke in hand, doing nothing whilst waiting for the virus to mutate into a form that enables it to be transmitted from one human being to another.
We're talking about a worldwide problem, each country for itself, no foreign help, no nothing; each man for himself essentially and when; IF this happens, the stuff you see in movies can very well be our reality.
The lack of food, the lack of medicine, the helplessness of all.

*Scratches head.
What can we do about it?
I honestly don't know.

But of course, we musn't be like Spongebob, too afraid to go out for fear of getting squashed.
Flip the thought over and what can I learn from this morbid day?
To just live like there's no tomorrow, which translates in my book :
Eat that darn ice-cream in the freezer, even if it makes you pudgy.
Who the hell cares?

Yours truly will be screamin her head off on thrill rides in Genting tomorrow with good friends.
She hopes to find a space wide enough for her big butt to watch AC Milan and Liverpool have a go at it.
She secretly hopes AC would avenge Chelsea's defeat.

Don't miss her too much.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Of idle chatter

Admittedly, its been hard these days to open up to my parents. I used to blab about anything under the sun- who's with who, who's not with who, the works. But I find myself muttering monosyllable answers recently, in no mood for conversation.
SO it was nice when we had coffee today, like the good old days, when we used to talk about everything and anything, however trivial it might be.

The wooden fan was spinning, the cushioned seats, oh so comfortable; the hazelnut coffee delicious.
mom flirting with the waiter.
And oh,
dad was there too.

Mom : Actually hor, what does Mayday means ar? Is it like an acronym for something? Like you know, S.O.S for Save Our Souls..

Moi :NOlar! Where got such thing one..It's got to do with some aeroplanes or something something flying over France or something something. (Worth a shot, no?)

Dad : You're both wrong la. Mayday was coined when a pilot, flying his plane suddenly came across some difficulty of some sort. The first word that he uttered at that time was "Mayday! Mayday!" . Hence, Mayday was born.

Mom : But why Mayday? Why not Juneday?

Dad and I : Because he flew it in the month of May. (Obviously, right.)

My dad was crapping of course, and me being his daughter, naturally I followed suit.
Heh heh.
The true origin of it can be found


Cars were passing by in flashes of light, the stars were out yonder.

Mom : Auntie Mary messaged earlier, suggesting that the Class of '74 meet up for a 2 days-1 night trip to Genting in July. What do you guys think?

Moi : Wah. '74? So long time ago ar?!

Mom : Blardy fool.


Dad : Aiya, no need to go la! What for waste money to go to Genting?

Mom : But I haven't seen them in a while! Especially Judy, Patricia... We still keep in touch, unlike you, who don't even call up your old friends like George when we're back in Penang.

Dad : But George si liao lar *.

'Nuff said.

* passed away

*Shakes head

Old news but when I chance upon this I just gotta share it with you guys.
I didn't think much about it at first; giving them the benefit of doubt -thinking that the remark could have slipped out of their mouths without any intent;
But now,

I'm fuming.

Who are we voting into the Parliament?

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Oh man.

I went into the salon to get my hair trimmed and came out with BANGS.

Blardy hell.

If it's hideous don't you DARE breathe a word.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Of sweeping down hills, picnic by the lake and slumber party

....Melinda...why America..why?

City bumpkins are we, sick of shopping malls and expensive cafes.
Young and restless are we, adventurous and free!

The 5 of us - Ern, Sien, Karin, May and yours truly woke up before sunrise on Thursday after god-knows-how-long to head to our planned destination - Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam.
Armed with sunblock, mosquito repellent, a cap and loads of food- both junk and healthy;

Ho Ho Ho Away we go!

I've never been this excited for a while. I love nature, being around trees, being with them and when you throw in good company and loads of food into the mixture, what you get is one happy camper.

So there we were, on the road in the early morning breeze, extremely eager (at least I was) to get away from the sight and sounds of clunky metals on wheels. We arrived safe and sound thanks to May Lynn's superb navigation skills and Li Ern's superb handling skills.

Suffice to say we were the only car in the parking lot. Okay-la, I admit, images of sadomasochistic psychos chasing after us with parangs in the middle of the secondary forest with no one to help us did cross my mind.
But we can't really let paranoia spoil our little adventure can we?
On the safe side though, we brought along a stick to beat the hell out of wannabe psychopaths.

And of course, handphones. One doesn't have to completely shut off civilisation.

Water bottle? Check. Food? Check. Happy faces? Check!

We rented bicycles for our lil' sojourn and god what an exercise it was. Up the hill, down the hill with sweat pouring from every pore of the body.
It was lovely really, seeing so much of one of my favourite colours, green!

I almost hit someone coming down a slope but hey, I haven't been on a bike for the last, what, 10 years?! Like, totally excusable.

Uber cute creatures

As cute, if not more. BHB betul.

With rumbling tummies, we went in search of the perfect spot to rest our butts and refill on fuel. And we did! We found this beautiful idyllic island in the middle of the lake with clean flat land big enough for the five of us.

The view up front

The view behind
The view somewhere out there
First, you gotta set the tikar!

We had one humongous loaf of bread, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, tuna, eggs, baby carrots, junk food, delicious sausages!

Had some company..

After stuffing ourselves silly, we paid 3 bucks to enjoy the life-saving air-con in the four seasons house.

For deserts, we took a bus ride around, enjoying the breeze and the smell of leaves.

Spent a night at Sien's after that for a supposed movie marathon.

I slept halfway through The Omen though.

OMG what a day.

Let's do it again!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dream it anyway

Tagged by Myky or the person formerly known as Kin Wai

Layer One:
On The Outside
Name: Chuah Sim Mei aka Amy
Birth Date: 26th April 1986
Current status: Single
Eye Colour: black
Hair Colour: black and brown-er
Righty or Lefty: righty

Layer Two:
On The Inside
Your Heritage: Chinese. Half hokkien half cantonese
Your Fears: Ironically, cockroaches. And not being able to live a full life.
Your Weakness: Good Food.
Your Perfect Pizza Toppings: Pizza hut's Island Supreme

Layer Three:
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First Waking Up: "What time is it? I think I'll just...doze..a..lil'..longer.."

Your Bedtime: I try to keep it before 3 am these days
Your Most Missed Memory: Form 6 days. Yeap.

Layer Four:
Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: pepsi
McDonald's or Burger King: Can i choose both?
Single or Group Dates: never been on either. But either one's fine with me!
Adidas or Nike: Nike
Tea or Nestea: Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
Cappucino or Coffee: both.

Layer Five:

Do You...
Smoke: Nope.
Curse: Just up to the level of "Shit!"
Take a shower: of course. If not my family would throw me out.
Have a crush: Yeah
Think you've been in love: .... don't think so
Go to school: No more school, no more tuitions. It's University now and tutorials.
Want to get married: Not right now. One day la.
Believe in yourself: Not all the time. I have moments of weakness too ya know.
Think you're a health freak: definitely not. "Eat now, talk later!"

Layer Six:
In The Past Month
Drank alcohol: Yeah.

Gone to the mall: Yeap!
Been on stage: nope
Eaten sushi: No! So sad.
Dyed your hair: Nope.

Layer Seven:
Have You Ever...
Played A Stripping Game: Not yet. lol
Changed Who You Were To Fit In: Like speaking in mandarin 24/7 just to communicate? I guess so.

Layer Eight:
Age You're HopingTo Be Married: 27 onwards? I remember discussing this with a bunch of girlfriends. Almost all settled on 27. What's with 27?

Layer Nine:
In a Girl/Guy

Best Eye Colour: anything
Best Hair Colour: anything la. As long as it suits that person.

Short Hair or Long Hair: as above.

Layer Ten:
What Were You Doing

1 Min Ago: doing this
1 Hour Ago:Went to tesco to buy stuff for the picnic tomorrow. Yeah!!
4.5 Hours Ago: Watching American Idol. Melinda!!
1 Month Ago: Finals about to start i think..
1 Year Ago: Holiday-ing? Everyone was still around so lepaking was a recurrent theme.

Layer Eleven:
Finish The Sentence

I Love: holidays, laughing with family and good friends..delicious food..having the freedom to do whatever I want and the freedom to do nothing at all. And of course, curling up with a good book,
I Feel: excited!
I Hate: litterbugs and feeling irritated with parents. Sometimes feel that I ain't such a good daughter after all.
I Hide: nervousness quite well.
I Miss: hanging out with friends..especially those I haven't seen in a while.
I Need: ice cream.

Layer Twelve:

Tag Five People
Whoever's reading this !

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Black April

April 1994.

I was all of 8 years studying in ye ol' Simpang Lima (1), a part of the rockin' class that is 2 Ungu. Our classroom, if I remember correctly, is the last one of the block. There was this empty piece of gravelled land where we would play and get our co-curricular books signed on Saturdays.

There was also this raised concrete thingy on which we would play buaya.
Buaya darat literally.
Okay that was cold.

Isn't it funny when you try to recollect a certain month in a year and all you, or rather I, could think of is school? Everything else slips my mind. Looks like school takes up a Huge space in my head.

April 1994.

Rwandan genocide.

800 000 to 1, 000, 000 Tutsis estimated to be killed.

One blardy million people.

Killed while I was at school.

Kind of put things in perspective doesn't it? Living in a place we blardy take things for granted.

My eyes got red watching Sometimes in April over at HBO.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What we need is music

Mucho gracias li wei, for introducing me to the world of

Heard this for the first time in the middle of the night and I was hooked

It's called Balisong by a Filipino band, Rivermaya

Not bad, not bad at all.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Dinner came an hour and a half later.

The rice came 15 minutes after the dishes.

So we stayed an hour 45 minutes after we've finished.

Almost la.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Note to self : Never ever go hunting for presents with family parents again.

It has been such a looong time since I've felt remotely exasperated with my family that I can't remember how it feels like.
Until today that is.

Presents to me, are something special, though not exactly sacred but close. They are literally gifts from the heart, representatives of the self, symbolizing the time, effort and in most cases money that are spent on someone that is important to you.

So I take time to choose them,
So sue me.
It's not like we're hard on time. We have all the time in the world.

So I like the things I chose to mean something,
So sue me.
It's my friend we're talking bout here.

Just don't assume I don't know any better.
And don't huff and puff away complaining.
At least do it far away so that I, and other shoppers for that matter wouldn't hear.

The practical side of me thinks that I would have reacted in the exact some way if I were in their shoes,
But I'd like to stay in my shoes for a moment, please.
So sue me.

More presents! Heh heh

Forever 21 I am, I am!

Finally, Wild Hogs!

Go watch it, it's hilarious. Though some parts are a bit stupid but what the heck, just laugh man.
Thanks Esther for the good time and presents. (Note the plural : for Patrick and the book and of course, the bookmark)

May Lynn turned 21 today!

It was really, really nice to catch up with the rest of 'em. The caffeine's definitely going to my head. Thanks Mr and Mrs May Lynn for the presents!

Fireworks especially for her

Look! Kin Wai without a head! Har Har.

May your life be as sweet and as fulfilling as a piece of blardy delicious tiramisu cake.
Blessed 21!

Friday, May 04, 2007

In retrospect.

I've been keeping a diary ever since I could remember, probably since I was in kindy? -with the first entry being about (surprise, surprise) how I bought that colourful hard cover diary and the chicken rice my family and I had had earlier.
Funnily, I distinctly remember me ardently writing on the floor and my dad sitting on the chair helping me with the spelling. The spelling were wrong anyhow.

Ever since then I'm on to my 4th edition, a recollection of my life.
My life.

The journey which took me from simple pleasures and innocence in the first book, to the joys and heartaches in the 2nd, heartbeats and letdowns in the 3rd, doubt and trepidation in the 4th.
Soul-searching in all.
Have I found it I wonder? Do I really know me? Am I unwittingly putting on a facade in this blindingly beautiful masquerade?
At times I feel like I need some rearrangement.
Messed-up and mixed up and god knows my tuning needs some tweaking, sometimes.

I'm searching, like the many people before me and like those after me.
I have my own demons to exorcise too as hard as that is to believe.

It's the people you meet &
how you treat,
them that last to touch,
the hearts though not much;
But enough to say,
I've done what I could,
With my life; so if ever today,
I were to be gone,
It wouldn't be wrong,
I'd smile & think
without even a blink,
Or a tear in my eye,
I've had a blast; au revoir, goodbye!


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Turning 2 . 1.

I've had birthdays where a cake would be absent, and candles not blown; wishes not made.
I've also had memorable birthdays where the love was so thick I could spread it on a piece of bread and eat it for breakfast, lasting me the whole day, the whole week, my whole life, even.

This birthday, the big 2-1 is one which I'll remember for all the right reasons.
I'll remember the moment when 30 plus of my coursemates sang in unison, a birthday song in multiple languages accompanying a cake which seriously caught me by surprise while out for a dinner, celebrating our newfound freedom from the shackles of exams

I'll remember the midnight movie we had for dessert though 'Tornado' was hilarious for the all wrong reasons.
It was the night I stayed up to cheer Chelsea to their 1st leg win over Liverpool ( of which they eventually lost) in the common TV room with the rest of the Liverpool supporters.
Solitary shouts of GOAL ! amidst the groans.

And waking up the next morning for karaoke.

It was the time when my tattered phone was busy with 'teet-teet's prompting my roomie to reinforce her belief that I am the 'Queen of SMSes' - which I am SO not.

I'll remember it as the time I played tourist guide, showing off Klang as the royal town she is, with all her majestic glory and misgivings.

See that muddy, brown, slithery river? That's the infamous Klang river
This is where the Sultan lives- he wanted to give me the palace, but I politely declined..

I've learned that the bond that ties a family together pulls you close and surrounds you whether you'll admit it or not and that blood, running deep is thicker and definitely bloodier than RO water.
And that memories last forever, especially forgotten memories now embedded in frames.
I blew my second set of candles with the young, and the wise and those in between.

It was then I realized that distance is nothing. Indeed,thousands of miles and numerous oceans can sometimes mean so little. You can never top the feeling of receiving something from someone who's so far away and yet spared a thought for you in their busy lives.
That air mail postage bag?
I fear I might never throw it away.

Friends come and go and sometimes old ones drift apart, unknowingly, toward separate destinations. But blessed it is when time may be forgiving and old buddies come together, celebrating the times that had passed and sharing the new.
I blew my third set of candles with friends with whom I've waded through the beautiful and the ugly together.

I thank all of you, for everything.

Lots and lots, and a humongous load of love,

21 year-old me.