Friday, May 18, 2007

Of sweeping down hills, picnic by the lake and slumber party

....Melinda...why America..why?

City bumpkins are we, sick of shopping malls and expensive cafes.
Young and restless are we, adventurous and free!

The 5 of us - Ern, Sien, Karin, May and yours truly woke up before sunrise on Thursday after god-knows-how-long to head to our planned destination - Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam.
Armed with sunblock, mosquito repellent, a cap and loads of food- both junk and healthy;

Ho Ho Ho Away we go!

I've never been this excited for a while. I love nature, being around trees, being with them and when you throw in good company and loads of food into the mixture, what you get is one happy camper.

So there we were, on the road in the early morning breeze, extremely eager (at least I was) to get away from the sight and sounds of clunky metals on wheels. We arrived safe and sound thanks to May Lynn's superb navigation skills and Li Ern's superb handling skills.

Suffice to say we were the only car in the parking lot. Okay-la, I admit, images of sadomasochistic psychos chasing after us with parangs in the middle of the secondary forest with no one to help us did cross my mind.
But we can't really let paranoia spoil our little adventure can we?
On the safe side though, we brought along a stick to beat the hell out of wannabe psychopaths.

And of course, handphones. One doesn't have to completely shut off civilisation.

Water bottle? Check. Food? Check. Happy faces? Check!

We rented bicycles for our lil' sojourn and god what an exercise it was. Up the hill, down the hill with sweat pouring from every pore of the body.
It was lovely really, seeing so much of one of my favourite colours, green!

I almost hit someone coming down a slope but hey, I haven't been on a bike for the last, what, 10 years?! Like, totally excusable.

Uber cute creatures

As cute, if not more. BHB betul.

With rumbling tummies, we went in search of the perfect spot to rest our butts and refill on fuel. And we did! We found this beautiful idyllic island in the middle of the lake with clean flat land big enough for the five of us.

The view up front

The view behind
The view somewhere out there
First, you gotta set the tikar!

We had one humongous loaf of bread, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, tuna, eggs, baby carrots, junk food, delicious sausages!

Had some company..

After stuffing ourselves silly, we paid 3 bucks to enjoy the life-saving air-con in the four seasons house.

For deserts, we took a bus ride around, enjoying the breeze and the smell of leaves.

Spent a night at Sien's after that for a supposed movie marathon.

I slept halfway through The Omen though.

OMG what a day.

Let's do it again!


MyKy said...

who's melinda?

MyKy said...

haha the first is just to kacau u.
That's all the pic u took ke? So little wan.
Haha bet u'll love it if u're doing may's course.

lw said...

Sigh... And you have to brag it to me over the net...

It's spring and I'm stuck home with Anatomy.

amy-da-great said...

Cis. Melinda's the bomb! You CANNOT not know her!
I took more..but who wants to see hundreds of pictures of us la. Yeah, it'll be like a dream

It's just a teaser.. when you get back we can always go for seconds!

MyKy said...

I CAN not know who's Melissa, or Melinda, watever it is.

I dunno la who da hell is that. Definitely not some scientist. Taking a shot at American Idol.

Wat's wit A' Idols anyway.... Is it really that good?

amy-da-great said...

absolutely cannot!
she's only like the most talented idolist around..
Ah well, she got voted off anyway.

American Idol is entertaining, not nec. good; but fun to watch.