Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Black April

April 1994.

I was all of 8 years studying in ye ol' Simpang Lima (1), a part of the rockin' class that is 2 Ungu. Our classroom, if I remember correctly, is the last one of the block. There was this empty piece of gravelled land where we would play and get our co-curricular books signed on Saturdays.

There was also this raised concrete thingy on which we would play buaya.
Buaya darat literally.
Okay that was cold.

Isn't it funny when you try to recollect a certain month in a year and all you, or rather I, could think of is school? Everything else slips my mind. Looks like school takes up a Huge space in my head.

April 1994.

Rwandan genocide.

800 000 to 1, 000, 000 Tutsis estimated to be killed.

One blardy million people.

Killed while I was at school.

Kind of put things in perspective doesn't it? Living in a place we blardy take things for granted.

My eyes got red watching Sometimes in April over at HBO.


lw said...

in 2003, my birthday was the day when the first bomb landed on Kabul marking the start of the War on Afghanistan. OH goodie! :P

amy-da-great said...

lol. Wow.
Dude, on my birthday, dunno-what-year, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred, the effects of which last till today.

MyKy said...

Wah talk about born with a boom eh... Haha!

It's all conspiracy to reduce people so that this little Earth we living in won't be too congested, get over it.

I'm so eviiiill..... Hah!

lw said...

that proves it! You're a spawn of DARKNESS!!! muahahahaha