Monday, March 30, 2009


Swirling inside, twisting its way out
Failing which
it splits
into a Million directions
Gravitate, the heart.

What's this wetness?
So palpable so easy?
Affect Affected Affection.

Too much,

Varying, Unwary, Unwanted, Thrown aside.

Limitations of self,
Surfacing a while,
A breath,
And dived deep, deep
Into the pit of impenetrable silence.

The past cannot be changed,
Can only be learned.

A thousand things,
One head.
One heart.
One belief.




Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A drop from the sky

Someone once told me that I only update my blog during the exams/tests/stressful period/when I should be utilizing my time to study.
Which is quite true.
I'll do anything to get out of studying.


Life has been interesting and exhausting, I would say.

Been to MPO which I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Thank you!!!

PGL-OMG-totally breath-taking. Even better than Mamma Mia! Malaysia Boleh, man.

Gala Closing at Actors Studio, BSC with Esther -totally spur-of-the-moment thing. Loved it to bits

SuperCamp Reunion at GIS

Class Fieldtrip to Terengganu - enjoyed our socks off eventhough we have two tests awaiting us when we arrived at ye ol' UM
On the other hand,
I've had tests every week, assignments to rush, presentations to make, meetings to attend, notes to entertain.

And I've been feeling really, really bad for having to FFK buddies blardy a lot of times these past weeks. I'm so so sorry. =(
Plus, haven't been home often too.
Fortunately, there's him to accompany me lar. Heh Heh.
But been busy even for him too, which made me feel even worse sometimes.

On the flip side, I've had the opportunity to experience a lot of things and learn many things that I know I ought to learn. I'm learning to love Pharmacy more now, and getting a little more freaked too, knowing that I'll graduate in a little over a year's time with barely anything in my blaaain.

We're getting more clinical which is awesome but more is expected of us now,too.
But that's only fair though.
It just makes me wish for more time to study or rather, for my beloved brain to automatically convert all information to long time memory rather than short term.
It's blardy frustrating to know that you've learnt them all just a week before but you just can't seem to pull them out of your grey matter in the cranium.

Ah, the beauty of cramming.

The beauty of memorizing,

For the sake of exams.

Totally shitty situation. I don't wish to be a pharmacist that knows nothing, but there's just

But I know I can survive this. Of course I can. *prep talk*
It's all about keeping things in perspective, wherein the passion lies.
Where oh where?

In a life of service and love.

And living to my fullest potential.

Dear friends, I wish you all that is in my power, for you to live the life that you Want to live, aligned to your heart, mind and soul.

I wish you peace and loads of light.
And a lot a lot of good food.
I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying whatever you do, as you should. I really miss me buddies!

Muaks, hope to see y'all reeeaaal soon!