Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Idle time

Time is a-fleeting by like nobody's business.
Trying to catch but to no avail.
Life's a-filled with much, sometimes mesiness;
But behold, self will prevail.

Reading about Ah Fook in The Star (the disabled keropok seller who spent Chinese New Year alone) brought unexpected tears to my eyes.

Because in spite of all the fatigue and the happenings that might look remotely like faeces, I'm still blessed.


Thinking of blessings seems harder to do, but when you do it - it blows you away.


So with the whole lot of thinking that had to be done, in spite of it all, I had some time to think about me. About who I am as a person and how I perceive others:

1. I've realized that I love eating breakfast.

2. And eating it alone.

3. That I'm more sensitive to others' feelings than I thought.

4. And that, the reverse is not true.

5. That I need to look out for myself more

6. But how to, when selflessness is perceived as good?

Dilemma, dilemma.

8. That I'm quite contradictory

9. No, I'm not.


10. Yes, I am.

11. That I think too much

12. Think waaay too much

13. That I have to learn to stick to one, and go with the flow. No turning back! Not a peek!

14. That common chivalry and courtesy is wafting slowly away..*pew pew* *bye bye*

15. That asking is so blardy difficult.

16. And scolding too.

17. But that both are absolutely necessary.

18. That life is good and sweet.

19. And nothing beats a favourite tune coming on, when you least expect it. *dum dum*

20. That a child's cheeky smile reminds you that all is good.

21. That I'm not perfect.

22. That lesson has yet to sink into my grey matter in my head.

23. But will, eventually.

24. That I need to recover my faith.

25. In myself.

26. That I hate period cramps

27. That life is not a dress rehearsal (there's only one!) [read this in a book]

28. That I am me. he he he

29. Silly, gila, naughty, serious, calm, chaotic, random

30. Me.