Tuesday, November 28, 2006

brown stripes-black : brack? Bla-aoun!

I did it.

I thrive on stability. It's in my blood, it's written in the stars, not to say I'm a very big believer, but you see, I'm of the bull.
I talk a lot, wanting to do new stuff but oftentimes, I find myself chickening out, unless I'm with other people and I force myself into doing whatever just to not lose face.


I finally did something to my hair after getting approval from my dear papa. I very nearly decided against it but ah,
I need to act on impulse once in a while.

Yours truly isn't your typical good girl after all, if you haven't already figured that out yourself.

So, I might not look as good as before, like an ah lian (*ahem : CZECH) or better than ever.
It doesn't matter, cause I blardy well like it.

And my mom,

And so did my dear papa.

Which of course is good, since they both paid for it.


My family and I went furniture and lighting window-shopping today, around Bkt Tinggi. Man, there are seriously a lot of lights out there.
And surprise, surprise, most of them are of course, attached to the ceiling.
Hand over that sore neck lotion please.

"Mummy! Let's get that one!"

Pointing to a mesh of aluminium twisted to resemble Medusa's head of snakes with tiny bulbs poking out.

Mom's eyes grew big.

"What bout this?"

Pointing, yet again, gleefully, to a humongous lantern-like lighting which is of course, about 50 sizes too big.

Oh, what fun.

Dad, mischievously : "What's so special about white bulbs?"

"They give off white light"


I'm intent on getting one of bumblebees whose butts light up when you switch them on.

I find them oddly amusing; butts that go ting!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Part II : 4's

-Tagged by Ee Von and Kin Wai-

4 Things many don't know.
-I can be pretty insecure at times
-I LOVE to watch sports tho' not necessarily play them-F1, wrestling-yes, even that-, basketball , CHELSEA! (not ciao si, mind you. blek)
-I sing my heart out at home alone.
-and dance like nobody's watching, only, there is nobody watching.

4 Movies I could watch over and over again
-You've Got Mail (Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan..just..sweet)
-Sleepless in Seattle (and again)
-The LOTR (Breathless)
-The Blues Brothers (Flying cars!)

4 Places I've lived
-Port Klang.

-Pandamaran, Port Klang.
-Kolej Ibnu Sina, UM.
-Aunt's hse, grandma's hse, unc's hse..

4 TV Shows I love
-Everybody Loves Raymond
-Grey's Anatomy
-Oprah (just like a housewife)

4 Places I've been on vacation
-Penang (Gosh..countless times)
-Rawa Island (Be-U-T-Full)
-Langkawi Island

4 Of my favourite food
-Roti Canai with sugar (wah liu..)
-Baked beans and eggs and rice!
-Lap Cheong (chinese sausages)
-Bak kua (erm..whatchacallit? Burnt meat ar?)

4 Places I would rather be.
-On a sandy white beach, looking at the beautiful sea.
-In a humongous library where I can borrow as many books as I want.
-Out at a cafe, with friends, drinking hot chocolate, or ice cream would do.
-Anywhere with my family.
can I get one more?

-In the middle of the forest, by a tranquil stream. Note: Not being lost in the forest though.

4 Favourite songs
-Dreaming my Dreams -The Cranberries
-Island In The Sun -Weezer
-Ironic-Alanis Morrisette
and loads more.

4 Others I wanna tag.
Kexin (heh heh)
Shin D!
Chee Shin
Kenny ? (the most convenient..hehe)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Part I : 3's

-Tagged by Kin Wai -

3 hobbies
-Watching tv
-Lepak-ing with family n friends

3 things on my to-do list
-Love myself more
-Be grateful for what I'm blessed to receive
-Lose weight. (okay, that's admittedly quite impossible)

3 unique traits
-Ability to sit for hours with a mug of coffee watching the world go by.
-Multitasking. Read : chatting over the headphones, checking mails, blogging, watching tv, replying sms, reading newspapers.
-Pretending to be innocent.

3 favourite drinks

3 passions

3 awesome movies
-The LOTR trilogy (all hail !)
-The Sound of Music

3 good bands
-Red Hot Chilli Peppers
-The Cranberries
-Limp Bizkit

3 things I am anal about

3 random guys
-Li Wei (chatting with him)
-Hao Shen

3 bad habits
-Letting my mouth loose
-Tendency to snap at parents and then regret about it the next second

3 painful experiences
-Monthly cramps
-Splitting with friends, going off into new horizons
-Not being sure of myself

3 treasured moments
-School days...especially Form 6 (miss 'em like crazy)
-Exam results days (so far)
-Any moments with family

3 goals before 30.
-Travel around the world, at least travel somewhere.
-Find someone of my dreams?
-Find a job that gives me contentment and satisfaction.

3 favourite desserts
-Chocolate cake
-Cheese cake
-Ice cream

3 people I tag
Ee Von

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I am officially free.

Had Organic Chemistry til 12 pm. Almost had a cardiac arrest when the examiner boomed out in a loud voice "10 minutes left !" It's a wonder I didn't drop dead in shock. Passed up my cakar ayam papers and exhaled.

The heavens opened up and poured bucketloads of rain. (To wash our tears away?) Ah, but that didn't deter us from going out anyway, us, bunch of desperados. Arrived in Midvalley soaking wet and freezing.
The Covenant played on the silver screen. The popcorn never tasted so delicious.
-It was okay-lar, pretty predictable and quite mediocre acting. But what do I know about acting anyways?-

Shopped for beloved mommy's birthday present. I'm SO glad she loved it.

Mom : "You're definitely not in the room, right? Where to this time?"
To the river of money. *
You can't expect a girl like me to stay cooped up inside.
Shopped and ate and walked and ate.
And came back at 11 pm.

Yours truly went for dance practice.
You heard that right. Me, sim mei, is performing.

Okay, you can stop laughing now.


More practice.

My feet hurt.

My body's aching.

Sunday And Jump. Prance. Break your bones.


The pull of 007 was too strong.
Midnight movie beckons. I almost fell asleep. Almost.
But it was good.


Muscles may scream
But my legs say go!

Hello again GSC!
Step Up was surprisingly entertaining...
Cool moves, good looking people, great music.


I am here, in the computer lab, typing this. Will be back in Klang very shortly.

Miss you guys!

I'm lovin' this.

* Sg.Wang.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Mom : Today's the 31st hor?

Erm. Yeah.

Mom : Got discount today, hor?

Rev that car engine up baby!

*evil laughter*

What has Amy been up to lately?

Drinking mysterious, sweet, urine-coloured potions

Taking random pictures

In order to face this


I need all the luck I can get.

Muaks people.