Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Part I : 3's

-Tagged by Kin Wai -

3 hobbies
-Watching tv
-Lepak-ing with family n friends

3 things on my to-do list
-Love myself more
-Be grateful for what I'm blessed to receive
-Lose weight. (okay, that's admittedly quite impossible)

3 unique traits
-Ability to sit for hours with a mug of coffee watching the world go by.
-Multitasking. Read : chatting over the headphones, checking mails, blogging, watching tv, replying sms, reading newspapers.
-Pretending to be innocent.

3 favourite drinks

3 passions

3 awesome movies
-The LOTR trilogy (all hail !)
-The Sound of Music

3 good bands
-Red Hot Chilli Peppers
-The Cranberries
-Limp Bizkit

3 things I am anal about

3 random guys
-Li Wei (chatting with him)
-Hao Shen

3 bad habits
-Letting my mouth loose
-Tendency to snap at parents and then regret about it the next second

3 painful experiences
-Monthly cramps
-Splitting with friends, going off into new horizons
-Not being sure of myself

3 treasured moments
-School days...especially Form 6 (miss 'em like crazy)
-Exam results days (so far)
-Any moments with family

3 goals before 30.
-Travel around the world, at least travel somewhere.
-Find someone of my dreams?
-Find a job that gives me contentment and satisfaction.

3 favourite desserts
-Chocolate cake
-Cheese cake
-Ice cream

3 people I tag
Ee Von


Ee Von said...

walao kena tag balik pulak -_=

kinwai said...

Oi oi come out minum teh. Er... but my time's running la. Jeff scared me la. He said his uni team kinda strong. Holy cannoly