Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Mom : Today's the 31st hor?

Erm. Yeah.

Mom : Got discount today, hor?

Rev that car engine up baby!

*evil laughter*

What has Amy been up to lately?

Drinking mysterious, sweet, urine-coloured potions

Taking random pictures

In order to face this


I need all the luck I can get.

Muaks people.


kinwai said...

WTH?? u drinking piss from a diabetic ar? Haha.... jk of cos. Aiya u'll do well. got so many protection

lw said...

OI... There's NO BASKIN ROBINS here at ALL... altho they do sell delicous ice cream almost everywhere and it's cheap. But who can think about a bloody ice cream in the middle of winter???

ShinD said...

Good for u that u have baskin robbin there. They don't have it here. For god sake it's malaysia! And guess wat? the other day when me n my frenz were walkin, we stopped midway and, ARGH!!!! we saw SECRET RECIPE!!!!!!!!

amy-da-great said...

Yeah, a diabetic and hypertensive

ARGH! I want snow too! send some over to me, pwease?

It must have been baskins and all..but nvm la..McD's ice-cream is just as good actually..hehe..but secret recipe!
Did you like barge in and raid that store immediately? :-)