Tuesday, November 28, 2006

brown stripes-black : brack? Bla-aoun!

I did it.

I thrive on stability. It's in my blood, it's written in the stars, not to say I'm a very big believer, but you see, I'm of the bull.
I talk a lot, wanting to do new stuff but oftentimes, I find myself chickening out, unless I'm with other people and I force myself into doing whatever just to not lose face.


I finally did something to my hair after getting approval from my dear papa. I very nearly decided against it but ah,
I need to act on impulse once in a while.

Yours truly isn't your typical good girl after all, if you haven't already figured that out yourself.

So, I might not look as good as before, like an ah lian (*ahem : CZECH) or better than ever.
It doesn't matter, cause I blardy well like it.

And my mom,

And so did my dear papa.

Which of course is good, since they both paid for it.


My family and I went furniture and lighting window-shopping today, around Bkt Tinggi. Man, there are seriously a lot of lights out there.
And surprise, surprise, most of them are of course, attached to the ceiling.
Hand over that sore neck lotion please.

"Mummy! Let's get that one!"

Pointing to a mesh of aluminium twisted to resemble Medusa's head of snakes with tiny bulbs poking out.

Mom's eyes grew big.

"What bout this?"

Pointing, yet again, gleefully, to a humongous lantern-like lighting which is of course, about 50 sizes too big.

Oh, what fun.

Dad, mischievously : "What's so special about white bulbs?"

"They give off white light"


I'm intent on getting one of bumblebees whose butts light up when you switch them on.

I find them oddly amusing; butts that go ting!


CZECH said...

Nolar, where got people dare to say ah lian... *cough*like*cough*ah*cough*lian*cough*only*cough*mah*cough*

ButTeRcUp said...

hey.... where's the picture?

kinwai said...

so u dyed your hair brack or bla-oun wan? wat la....

in uitm sarawak ady!! tmoro will be the first round. haha.

amy-da-great said...



Nah..I find taking pics of just my hair a bit funny..
You belanja me minum, then can see in person lar! Lagi best right.

I dyed brown ler..You're there ady?! Good, you're safe and sound..
All the best in your first round and the rounds after that; I'm sure you'll do well!