Saturday, December 02, 2006

'Twas the night before Saturday

Don't you wanna feel my bones on your bones?

Scene : Flashes of lightning fills the dark, dark skies; illuminating the heavens, a sign of the coming rumbling thunder. The rain pours, washing away the dirt on the tarred road. Water is rising in the corners; giving off reflections of the street lamps.
A family of four seeks shelter, waiting for the relentless rain to relent.
The car sits across the road.
The youngest girl looks up into the heavens, it seems like it's getting better.
Should they run across?

Teet teet !

The eldest boy opens the car door, it's automated.

The mother runs with all her might, drops of rain plops on her but she doesn't care.

The father and daughter prepares to run across, but what's this?

A hand stops them.

They paused and looked at the brother, to whom the hand belongs, and there under the shelter, the 3 of them understood each other without speaking; and watched.


The door locks; just as the mother reaches for the door handle.

She turns...

"WOI !"

Gosh, we almost died laughing.

Happy World AIDS Day people.

Don't discriminate,
don't play mate-mate;
without being safe.


lw said...

it certainly proves that almost everything in our lives can be blogged about. :)

amy-da-great said...

Wah..I sense some insult hidden somewhere, but I shall take it as a

buttercup said...

wa... ahahaha... so bad of your bro! lolz! i must try it some time around. haha! yeah.. i'll surely get the chance to see ur hair rite? hehe.. till then!