Friday, December 08, 2006

To you, to me, to you back.

It's like a face inside...

I feel lost,
Crazy and lazy, mixed-up,
Like a martini-"shaken or stirred?"
Haven't had a martini yet, dear sir.

Rambling on like an old
With his clothes tattered and shrivelled
But his eyes,
Oh his eyes, how they twinkled, dear sir.

Sleep would not come,
Mr. Stardust and Mrs. Moonlight
Cheated me;
I thought and wandered
Off to a hall of mirrors,
Reflecting a myriad of me but
I could not see, I could not find,
Nope, I could not feel, dear sir.

You would think me mad,
That ubiquitous light bulb
Shone and blinked.
Blink! Blink!
Defiled a book I haven't
In months.
Caressed a book I haven't
In years.
Blink! Blink!
In the calmness and eerieness of the night,
It Blinked. Finally it did, dear sir.

Of Starlight and Moondust
That's you, dear sir.

THAT'S the result when I have nothing to blog about.
Well, I have actually, but this came out instead.
Who am I to fight the twisted needs of yours truly?
Not me.

Disclaimer : It is NOT about a guy, or any guy for that matter. Never my intention.

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