Saturday, December 23, 2006

ee von's

Music has an intricate way to wrap humans around its little finger.Its melodious tunes unite souls, carries you upon its backTo the highest of highs and lowest of lows.It soothes you, fills you with hope,Makes your cringe and cry in utter sadness.Ah, sweet music.
Leave it to humans to kill its purity; i.e.

In case you were wondering, it was James Morrison's You Gave Me Something.In my defense, I purposely sang it that way.
We celebrated ee von's birthday at red box.
Snappity Snap!

Birthday girl with a, erm. LOA something-someone.

As usual, Charlie punya angels became our muse.

Happy Burfday Ee Von!

I'm going back tomorrow to ol' University, sadly, But i shall be back!

With a vengeance

1 comment:

kinwai said...

ARGH!!! i just can't recall of wat i said....

Something like this i think...

Ah yes.... The wonders of music that can bring to us human... It can make us rolling on the floor laughing (ie Uncle Fucka), it can make the tears starts flowing uncontrolably (ie Negaraku...)

Ya sure u purposely sang it that way. U actually sound much better rite? Ya.... Sure thing honey. Sure....

*kena punched....