Friday, December 31, 2004

2 . 0 . 0 . 4

my hand itchy liao...seems like everyone's doing it...a word of caution : only read on if you're truly interested!
byebye 2004...gonna miss ya...some parts's usual ain't it? ups n downs in the wheel of life..
hmm..what did i do this whole year? seems like nuthin really..spent my post-spm days lazing round in the house growing horizontally, got my results; a good day !, got my scholarship results; bittersweet really..kind of made me feel that its not worth working hard to get what i was blessed to receive...but at the same time, glad i won't have to leave everything behind when i haven't really made up my mind..but hey..maybe i was meant for form 6 !
school started and everything was a blur....images of homework and homework and more homework...and maths!
school holidays : busiest school holidays...(no fair! i want a refund!)
and then suddenly, its 2005..
to all my friends : love ya lots..thanks for being who you are and just being there!

Happy 2005 !

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

so sorry

in light of recent events, i've come to realize like i've realized many times before how fragile life is..can be taken away so soon, so drastically, so unexpectedly. I wish to be more not forget to not take things for granted and to be grateful every single day just because i'm able to taste sweet air. Isn't it funny how u seem to receive some heaven-inspired revelation that u think might change your life forever and yet forget everything the next time life trips youover and you fall;no matter even if it's just a scrape on the knee when there are other ppl in this world who got tripped by the long scrawny legs of life;falling into an endless abyss of darkness..littered with starvation, fear, separation, WAR.

may everyone be blessed...and emerge from this tragedy together and stronger.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

opening ceremony

Gala opening..!
must be wondering why ?
1. Bored
2. Curious
3. Bored
4. I'm too wonderful a person to not share my 'wonderful' views with the rest of the occupants of da the third bola from the matahari..

No guarantee i'll continue forever...might be a classic case of warm-warm chicken shit.. but what the heaven...carpe diem!