Friday, December 31, 2004

2 . 0 . 0 . 4

my hand itchy liao...seems like everyone's doing it...a word of caution : only read on if you're truly interested!
byebye 2004...gonna miss ya...some parts's usual ain't it? ups n downs in the wheel of life..
hmm..what did i do this whole year? seems like nuthin really..spent my post-spm days lazing round in the house growing horizontally, got my results; a good day !, got my scholarship results; bittersweet really..kind of made me feel that its not worth working hard to get what i was blessed to receive...but at the same time, glad i won't have to leave everything behind when i haven't really made up my mind..but hey..maybe i was meant for form 6 !
school started and everything was a blur....images of homework and homework and more homework...and maths!
school holidays : busiest school holidays...(no fair! i want a refund!)
and then suddenly, its 2005..
to all my friends : love ya lots..thanks for being who you are and just being there!

Happy 2005 !

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