Saturday, January 01, 2005


Had baskin robbins with family just now for dessert after a wonderful meal of steamboat..on a rainy day..yummy! no wonder i'm getting horizontally challenged!
I love spending time with family, though they Do get on my nerves and i know for sure that I get on their nerves many a times..more times probably..

oh man!
school's up soon
i haven't had the chance to enjoy my hols &
and i haven't touched my homework!

stooopid me...cari pasal..leave it to the last minute some more la! cis..
someone help me..i don't want to wake up early and i don't want to study

tomorrow's sunday...and the day after is monday..
argh !

i hope everyone else is looking forward to school unlike moi...
happy schooling!

i'm addicted to nat king cole
must be one of the signs i'm getting older...nOooooOOOooOO

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