Saturday, January 08, 2005

1st week of sekolah

my first week of school and its so surprisingly hectic that i'm suffering from a brain overload right now. Adding salt to that injury is the return of Beloved homework, homework lovely homework..I mean, who was i kidding thinking that there'll be no lessons for at least a few days, leaving me free to lepak and talk. STAR has dedicated teachers and for the record, i mean that in a good sense. i think.
Quite satisfied with prefectorial duties...So Far. especially with the tsunami fund..Starians are really a generous bunch!
Quite satisfied with my place in the class. It's under the fan. 'nuff said!
Quite satisfied with the amount of noise generated in the class..thanks to a noisy bunch at the back, inclusive of least not so boring;working wonders in keeping me awake.
Not satisfied with constant reminders of STPM by teachers..i know i know, its for my own good. but still.

party ppl its friday night..frriii-dayy..
shucks have to do hw tmr morn.
what the.

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