Wednesday, January 12, 2005


why can't the school let us enjoy the chinese new year holidays? why?! why?!! ...Must they set the exams date on the 14th which is like immediately after the hols..and the 15 days of celebration ain't even over yet!
shit la...i'm beginning to feel the exams pressure on me back, thanks in no small part to teachers making me feel quilty and scaring the hell out of me.. and its seriously weighing me down like a stupid sack of chemistry books.. and its only like, what..not even end of january yet? i hate this feeling of helplessness and constant worry about whether i'd be able to finish studying.
I want to get into a good U and be able to study the course of my choice, not some course predetermined by whoever it is in the education ministry who decides who gets what, which is only logical since it's MY life anyway. And to the fellas who decides these things unfairly, you only get ONE life ya know.
so, it all boils down to results.
and that's sad..bacause a piece of paper doesn't really determine success in life but despite all that, that piece of paper is ultimately very valuable.
so, so, silly.

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pooler said...

harlooo.dun complaint so much least got holiday give u!!!