Friday, January 28, 2005

behold the return...

it's seriously been a while since i've's funny really how there seems to be like lots of interesting happenings, both bitter and sweet in my life and tons of thought running through my head on stuff to enlighten those "selected few" who happen to chance upon my blog due to unforeseen circumstances or by some unlucky intervention of fate when i lost the internet connection for a stupid WHOLE unusually slow week which made me think why the internet is so stupidly tempting anyway when i have lots of other considerable "important" stuff to do and yet lose the inspiration when i'm back, which btw, i hope you understand what i'm crapping since this mad rambling on is without the all-important punctuation mark of a period and i'm sure this sentence is so gramatically and structurally incorrect english teachers will cringe and shake their heads with diapproval while reading, which is silly as there's no way in heaven or the certain region underground, a teacher would find this. There, a full-stop (.) ,finally.

Forgive me k, it was merentas desa day for goodness sake!
AND i'm such a good student...running and all...not bad least got points for it..
one : to contribute to panglima (Yea rite!) and
two : to lose a teeny weeny bit of weight for tomorrow (yeap! purple ppl reunion tomorrow ppl! ) which is useless as i ate nasi lemak for lunch, 2 packets of nasi lemak (again!) for dinner;topped with a piece of Porno Chicken..which caused me to gain more than i lose...Unfortunately.

finally, its D-Day tomorrow...worst case scenario, everyone will mind their own business with nothing to talk of but at least there'll be food rite! and friends to humour me..i'm depending on you guys, esther n li wei! i can't wait...will update on the happenings tomorow IF i'm in the mood.
Just my luck i have to got to school early in the morn tomorrow for 2 stuff some more...i feel bad i have to leave and not join the prefect's unity tomorrow i'm guilt-ridden! Not so much as that, maybe just a drop of guilt.

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