Thursday, September 24, 2009

Specks of peace, smattering of love


So much to do. tsk tsk.
Oh well.

I really needed this past week.
Was feeling like I was losing bits of myself prior to this; to what, I have no idea.
Probably to the idea of perfection.
To the extend of sacrificing self to obtain that? I don't think I want that anymore.
I think I'll just stick to the imperfect little me.

It's been a good week. Loads of stuff to do and I probably haven't finished half of what I set out to do, but it's still good. =)
Nothing beats home to rejuvenate the self. And a special someone as well, no doubt.

Let's see...
G-Force on Friday, got eaten alive by mosquitoes on Saturday-of which I had 200 earfuls from my parents about- and bawling my eyes out for Benjamin Button.
Yes. I finally watched that after god-knows-how-long.
Was crying so hard I woke him up. lol.
Being hugged so tight hasn't felt this good.

Basically slept away Sunday, shut meself up on Monday to do my proposal and Tuesday.
Oh Tuesday was fun-visiting an old friend of his family's.
Goes to prove that friendship transcends race and religion.

Weds was proposal Part II and Korean with the gang. Looking at the young couple who joined us that evening just made us think how far ahead we've gone in this thing called life. Makes one feel a whole lot older, really.

It's been 5 freakin years since Lower 6!

In the words of Pau's, in another 5 years -we'd all be settling down with children, probably.
Hard to believe for some perhaps, but I do hope so. =)

And today. Assignments galore, and assignments to go. But here I am, reflecting upon a week that seemed trivial at first but turned out to be just what I needed.
Nothing much really, just my bed, my smelly pillow and a cup of hot milo in the mornings with the newspaper; crisp morning wind blowing through the stained door.


And tomorrow, oh tomorrow,
what with the oldest friend on the block, it'll be awesomeness!

May your days be sprinkled with specks of peace and a smattering of love.
For what's the world without love?

Sunday, September 13, 2009


One day at a time - that's how I'm feeling at this point of my life.

I seem to have some fleeting glimpse of the future; my goals but they're fragmented and irregular. I wonder why, is it disillusionment? Or practicality seeping in, replacing all that is idealistic?

Is it part of growing up? Is the inner child dissipating? Oh no. Oh crap. Oh Shit.

Haih. Dra to the ma.

I want to be carefree, I want live.

Maybe I should work on being it rather than wanting it eh?

But I'm feeling the responsibilities on my back. Classic case of I can run but I cannot hide. They are there. In blocks, sitting quietly but looming at the corner, you KNOW they're there.
How to run ? Correct anot?

Correct Correct Correct.

I'm feeling many lessons being thrown my way. I'm learning to accept, to compromise, to think.
And I realized that my fuse is actually quite short, to my huge surprise.
I thought I've always prided myself as being patient.

Patient to some extent I guess.

And friendships? They are blardy important.
I tend to forget that sometimes,
I shouldn't and I won't.
Relationships. Beautiful stuff indeed.

Don't forget, dear self. That you're still here.
So live, already.