Sunday, September 13, 2009


One day at a time - that's how I'm feeling at this point of my life.

I seem to have some fleeting glimpse of the future; my goals but they're fragmented and irregular. I wonder why, is it disillusionment? Or practicality seeping in, replacing all that is idealistic?

Is it part of growing up? Is the inner child dissipating? Oh no. Oh crap. Oh Shit.

Haih. Dra to the ma.

I want to be carefree, I want live.

Maybe I should work on being it rather than wanting it eh?

But I'm feeling the responsibilities on my back. Classic case of I can run but I cannot hide. They are there. In blocks, sitting quietly but looming at the corner, you KNOW they're there.
How to run ? Correct anot?

Correct Correct Correct.

I'm feeling many lessons being thrown my way. I'm learning to accept, to compromise, to think.
And I realized that my fuse is actually quite short, to my huge surprise.
I thought I've always prided myself as being patient.

Patient to some extent I guess.

And friendships? They are blardy important.
I tend to forget that sometimes,
I shouldn't and I won't.
Relationships. Beautiful stuff indeed.

Don't forget, dear self. That you're still here.
So live, already.

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