Friday, October 27, 2006

Deeps and Hars

yeah Kin wai, I'm one big meaty balloon. Can't blame moi friend !

I've been wanting to post this up earlier but ah, the procrastinator in me surfaced again, coupled with the fact that I have one humongous load of notes that I'm supposed to finish reading by next week.
Help !

Anyways, yours truly is back at home for about 2 weeks, of which every moment is a treasured moment, supposingly on her study break but darn the big bad TV to the depths of the fiery basement.
I fell victim to ED, Grey's Anatomy, The Apprentice, MTV, Channel V, Winter Sonata. You read that right - Winter Sonata... Gosh !
Ah well.

It's great living in a multiracial country, but it is even better if your own family is multiracial. My family and my dad's Klang clan went back to Penang to celebrate the joyous occasion that is Deepavali with my beloved Uncle and his family. It's beautiful really to see so many family members gathered in the house, for a dinner and of course, drinks.
It was nice to see my Uncle smiling with glee at all the loud noise, running toddlers, hysterical young adults and laughing gossipy aunties and uncles all under his own roof. It's a wonder that the roof didn't get blown off by the sheer noise. Everyone dug into the neverending food; tender mutton, spicy chicken, crispy freshly-made roti canai, vegetables, cakes of which I guiltily took more than I should. Chocolate and mint, man!
And then, there were of course, the drinks.
Rounds of bottoms-up among the cousins.
As I was one of the youngest, I wasn't allowed to participate-boo!- thinking that I'm the innocent one, that I, of all people, should be protected.
Nonetheless, they must have got a tad tipsy towards the end as I was allowed 2 glasses of wine and 2 shots of whisky-finally!- after which my face turned red like a blardy tomato.
Cis..jatuh saham
Ate all I could of glorious Penang food and came back home. Throughout the whole holiday there I probably managed to read about 2 pages of Anatomy? Good job, amy.
On the way home, thinking that I must at least do some work since I'm forced to be in the car for at least 4 hours, took out my notes to the disbelieving sideways glance of mom, managed a few lines? and snored for the next TWO HOURS.
Wow, superb job, amy.

Went over to Deva and Navina's houses for belated Deepavali visiting with Alvinder but missed Shazeer's one though.

I had a great time.

Now, I've got to stick my nose into my books with UHU glue if you don't mind.
Pardon me for the lack of updates, but I'll be back!

Astalavista baby!

Friday, October 13, 2006

The good, the bad; wait for it, the ugly.

On an island in the sun
We'll be playin' havin' fun

Doo Doo

Part 1

Revelations may just strike you whenever and where ever. You might be sitting on the throne doing your business of making magnifique chocolate cake and stuff just pops up in your head. Sometimes your path crosses with another who touches your life, even for a brief moment and restore your faith in something you hold dear to your heart.
I've had a part of my faith restored, thanks to a few lecturers who helped me believe-a little-again that the bubble around my wild, optimistic and utopic expectations of being in a University, especially in a Malaysian University, might be able to be restored after an abrupt bursting a few months ago.
When that little bubble burst, it was quite depressing actually.
Ah. But you see, I shouldn't blow that bubble in the first place.

He who expects nothing shall never be disapponted.

How to not expect my life to be bigger than me?

The conditions before almost made me want to become a lecturer. Just to shake things up. Just to ensure that future students will not be disappointed like I was. To restore the romantic notions of tertiary education. Where's my green fields, blue skies, historical walls, beautiful books, unwritten future, strong pillars? But who am I to judge before being in their shoes?

Nonetheless, it's good to cross path with advocates of knowledge. To remind me that I am a student. And to be proud of it.

Part 2

Can someone enlighten me on what had become of our students?
I was at the PTUM Theatrical Performance the other day and Rudeness was all around me I couldn't stand it.
___ Ong Ka Ting ( Dato' / Datuk / YB /-fill in the blank-) was on the stage, giving a speech, in Bahasa Melayu and almost everyone around me -except a few of my friends- were busy talking and laughing in a loud voice. I mean, come on, would it hurt to give that poor guy up there a bit of attention and appreciation for showing up?
As if that wasn't enough, and this was actually the main thing that got me so fired up at that time, was that, when he switched from speaking in BM to Chinese for a while, the people around me immediately shut up.

Speechless man.


You talk when he was speaking in our national languange, which, I assume you would understand perfectly fine- if you managed to go all the way up to University level, unless by some miracle or by the extra-screwed up, if not already screwed up system- but you showed respect when he switched languages?
I didn't know courtesy comes in colours.
I've always thought it was colour blind.

No prizes for guessing whether any attention was paid when it was Dr. Razali Agus's (VC for Alumni and Student Affairs - think) turn to speak.

And these are the leaders of a muhibbah country.

Food for thought isn't it?

Might be trivial to some, but my fuse was lit.
Which doesn't happen very often.