Friday, October 13, 2006

The good, the bad; wait for it, the ugly.

On an island in the sun
We'll be playin' havin' fun

Doo Doo

Part 1

Revelations may just strike you whenever and where ever. You might be sitting on the throne doing your business of making magnifique chocolate cake and stuff just pops up in your head. Sometimes your path crosses with another who touches your life, even for a brief moment and restore your faith in something you hold dear to your heart.
I've had a part of my faith restored, thanks to a few lecturers who helped me believe-a little-again that the bubble around my wild, optimistic and utopic expectations of being in a University, especially in a Malaysian University, might be able to be restored after an abrupt bursting a few months ago.
When that little bubble burst, it was quite depressing actually.
Ah. But you see, I shouldn't blow that bubble in the first place.

He who expects nothing shall never be disapponted.

How to not expect my life to be bigger than me?

The conditions before almost made me want to become a lecturer. Just to shake things up. Just to ensure that future students will not be disappointed like I was. To restore the romantic notions of tertiary education. Where's my green fields, blue skies, historical walls, beautiful books, unwritten future, strong pillars? But who am I to judge before being in their shoes?

Nonetheless, it's good to cross path with advocates of knowledge. To remind me that I am a student. And to be proud of it.

Part 2

Can someone enlighten me on what had become of our students?
I was at the PTUM Theatrical Performance the other day and Rudeness was all around me I couldn't stand it.
___ Ong Ka Ting ( Dato' / Datuk / YB /-fill in the blank-) was on the stage, giving a speech, in Bahasa Melayu and almost everyone around me -except a few of my friends- were busy talking and laughing in a loud voice. I mean, come on, would it hurt to give that poor guy up there a bit of attention and appreciation for showing up?
As if that wasn't enough, and this was actually the main thing that got me so fired up at that time, was that, when he switched from speaking in BM to Chinese for a while, the people around me immediately shut up.

Speechless man.


You talk when he was speaking in our national languange, which, I assume you would understand perfectly fine- if you managed to go all the way up to University level, unless by some miracle or by the extra-screwed up, if not already screwed up system- but you showed respect when he switched languages?
I didn't know courtesy comes in colours.
I've always thought it was colour blind.

No prizes for guessing whether any attention was paid when it was Dr. Razali Agus's (VC for Alumni and Student Affairs - think) turn to speak.

And these are the leaders of a muhibbah country.

Food for thought isn't it?

Might be trivial to some, but my fuse was lit.
Which doesn't happen very often.


buttercup said...

hey simmy... i know it's tough there. but worry not.. supports always coming from me... gambade ya! just hang in there a few more years and we're all OFF! and... dun lose the angel in you ya.. i think throughout the 7 yrs i study with you i never seen you in anger... "those ppl" who showed no respect wil be repay in the same way, it's just the matter of time. of cos, it is our responsibility sometimes, to tell them to shut their "gaps" n pay some respect but sometimes, we are just powerless...

anyhow, anyway, HANG IN THERE!

*muaks* hope it brighten your day! stay strong k?

LW said...

University students are overrated... Enuff said.

THAT and I cant type with tis stoopid Česky keyboard...

kinwai said...

Hah! Now only u feel tht? Uni students was always liek tht. Majority. Unfortunately those of the minorities like us gets blamed as well. Too bad i wasn't there. If i was, they gonna get it.

I guess it's the failure of the education system. Students study moral just to get A1.

Sigh.... I'm just so full of ........ (looking for a word..)
ugh... i give up.. my English is so bad now...

kinwai said...

And yeah! EH botak don't simply kiss ppl la! U'll die wan le!

amy-da-great said...

haha..I have more devil in me than angel i think ! But I'll try not to lose both!
Yeah, I'll hang in there


one word -so true.

kay make it 2

your english is good la wei..!

Porcupine said...

First off, to Kenny:-
Mau mampus ka?
Suka hati you mau cium kita punya Sim Mei.
Saya pun belum lagi (oops!) Tunggu turn la!! Hahaha...

Well, I thought you would've realised it by now. Things are not as it were back in schools you know...
The matter that took place in UPM was proof enough... Don't get me started on that one now... Hahaha...
Anyway, I'm sure you could pull through like you've did before with flying colours...
Gambatte kudasai!!!

Jiang said...

Hi Hi .... guess u feel better reading all those comments from all your close ones .. haha.... especially the one with a kiss wan leh ... just hope u'll feel enjoyable there and here .. yeah yeah .. not forgetting .. happy deeparaya too ... very fast u'll be celebrating deepavali already .. we all can visit u during that time soon. haha . must make nice murukus ya ...

amy-da-great said...


Ahem !
I am not a thing that can just be passed around for anyone to kiss okay.

Yeap. Things most definitely aren't like they were back in school, in Klang, with you guys.. A new chapter people!
I'll get that into my system...force it

eh kawan..all of us celebrate deepavali together okay..not only me..malaysia mar hoh
y'all can come visit me anytime; chinese new year, deepavali, hari raya also can!
Even Hari Gawai!