Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I'm Freakin frustrated !
I studied so darn hard for my 2nd Biostats test considering I didn't do well the first time around and it went TOTALLY and INCREDIBLY and HORRIBLY WRONG!
I knew the formulaes, I knew what to do , I knew the tricks
and yet..
It bombed.
The bomb fell through my stupidity and silliness into the pit of despair.
I made mistakes I shouldn't had done.
I feel like banging my head against the wall.
*Bang Bang Bang Bang*

And I totally screwed my practical.

What's the matter with me?!


The past is the past...
Let go and look to the future..
No regrets, just lessons.
A chance to learn and to remember.
I did my best,
that's all that matters.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Of excitement and of almost disappearing off the mark

I’ve been neglecting again, thousand apologies! *with palms together and head wobbling ala Punjab*
Those words that you’ve just read are the first of many, (I hope) in the relative comfort of my own room in the University, on my brand new lappie –laptop- that my BELOVED brother had gotten me just over a week ago.
Mucho gracias dearest koko!
The wooden plank of a table is where I’m at, sitting atop a plastic chair, with the beautiful view of a sun drenched white wall in front of me. Michael is learning to rock in the background following the signs left by Justin Timberlake and Snoop.
Too bad there’s no Wifi service in my room, so I would have to drag this later to the dining hall for this piece to be published.
Nonetheless, I’m good.

This contented feeling is a far cry from just a moment ago when I thought that I would have the adventure of my life.

I got caught in a lift.
It was already 4.30 pm, and most of the students had already left the Department and I, alone, was about to leave the 4th floor to head to the Dean’s Office somewhere in the Faculty.
The lift at the end of the corridor was opened though nobody was there.
Somewhere deep in the pit of my stomach, I felt that something was wrong but being as blur as I could actually be, I unsuspectingly stepped into that empty lift.
The doors closed. I pressed G.
The button lighted up but it was Not Moving. I pressed 2 and 1 and the open door sign. The blardy buttons lighted up cheerily but the lift still would not budge.
What the hell?!
Breathe, amy, breathe.
Don’t breathe so much, you pig, conserve the oxygen! You wanna die in a lift ar?
The button bearing the picture of a bell seemed so, so tempting.
Should I? Shouldn’t I?
Being as honest as honesty can allow, the very first thought that entered my head was,
“OKay, So, you’re in a lift, and it’s not moving. CRAP! There usually is no line in the lift! I wonder how long would it take for them to find me…started dreaming of a tall, muscular, hunky fireman coming to my rescue..”
Checked my phone, full bar of line. *heaves a sigh of relief, wipes off sweat* and tried pressing the buttons again.After for what seemed like forever, it still wouldn’t move. It wasn’t funny anymore.
Budge you gila lift, move it!
Even if you don’t want to budge, open the door, please? I know I’m fat and I need the exercise..I’ll take the stairs..just open the doors..
Decided to call my room mate –Please open lar- dialing –I’m not joking, you better open up, you stooopid lift you,-- and then..

The doors opened.
I dashed out like my life depended on it, even the fastest cheetah could never compete.

*Ting* (Doors of lift closed behind me, mockingly.)

You made me use the stairs.
And my gorgeous fireman scenario did not materialize.
You shall pay, evil lift, one day!

That was one thing, now I’m excited over the other. I finally have my UM student tag, laminated and all shiny! It even came together with its own UM band.
NOW I so feel like a University student. *tingly spine*

That’s today, Monday, the very first day of the week. What will the rest of the week bring?
I know, 2 TESTS !
Oh goody.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Brunch at Kayu's

I have never laughed this much with this bunch of people for the longest time.
I so didn't want the makan to end.
Missed their antics, the carefree school days, the endless laughters, their muhibbah spirit that will just make you go, "Aww.." and our own innocence.
Hard to believe but it's been one whole year since I've met them, them as in Vinesh, Anne (both back from Ukraine over the summer holidays) , Shazeer, Deebs. Unfortunately though,the rest of the gang couldn't make it: Edgar, who's going off to the US on Weds (lucky fella) had a family outing and Hao Shen, who's already Down Under, in Australia.
Nonetheless, it's so good to meet up with them again, especially with Sindhu and Li Ern.
Havoc reigned in Kayu and we took pictures like there's no tomorrow. Literally.
I have a nagging suspicion the person manning the CCTV directly over our heads was laughing his arse off.
Oh well.
Pictures !

With Sindhu, Ern & Anne

With Shazeer, Vinesh and Deeban


Posing part 1 -Notice Vinesh's face

Can't see? HERE. LMAO

Posing 2

Self portrait - Failed attempt cause Sindhu was no where to be seen!

There she is!

Heh Heh Heh..

It was good fun.

Let's do it again!

p/s : Yeah, Hao Shen, it was lousy of us to have a good time without you... No worries, when you come back, we'll have double the fun!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

We will remember

I knew you by name, we were acquaintances, though not close;
We shared many common friends.
You were intelligent, bright,
You were beautiful,
You shone.
Like an evening star, first to appear in the dimmed skies,so early,
That early you left.
You touched many lives,
Your mark, though brief, will always burn,
Forever engraved in memories of sweet, in hearts with fondness,
Wrapped in blankets of warm love.
Soon, too soon. But we know,
You live on.
Your smile and presence,
You live on.
You live on in those who were lucky,
To have bumped into the flower scented path,
that is yours.
You live on.
In words spoken, in deeds done,
You live on.

And we live,
In memory of you.

The news broke.
No words could express.
Silent prayers.

In memory of Lam Soo Kean,
a friend.
I am honoured to have crossed your path.