Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I'm Freakin frustrated !
I studied so darn hard for my 2nd Biostats test considering I didn't do well the first time around and it went TOTALLY and INCREDIBLY and HORRIBLY WRONG!
I knew the formulaes, I knew what to do , I knew the tricks
and yet..
It bombed.
The bomb fell through my stupidity and silliness into the pit of despair.
I made mistakes I shouldn't had done.
I feel like banging my head against the wall.
*Bang Bang Bang Bang*

And I totally screwed my practical.

What's the matter with me?!


The past is the past...
Let go and look to the future..
No regrets, just lessons.
A chance to learn and to remember.
I did my best,
that's all that matters.


buttercup said...

hey.. relax wei... dun so tense up k? know u can do it and guess wat, after i read ur blog about u being trapped in the lift, i started to imagine that you'll be trapped in there for long w/o battery on phone, no line and guess wat? the bell is not working. just imagine if it happens.... muahaha!

anyway, gambade ya! you sure can do it without any prob in ur studies. and ur "failure" shows tht UM got real standards out there.... if u got prob, i really wonder how many more dead already long long long ago... cheers!!!

kinwai said...

Haha! 2nd one went down as well>? Aiya, how much will it affect the end result la? Your A is >80 rite? Damn utm's worst la.

80-84 is A-, >85 only A.

guess i'll still aim for First class la, but will settle for Dean's List. Haahaa