Monday, September 10, 2007


My first tests results are out.


A part of me expected this as I was playing a fool most of the time and busy the rest of it.

Blardy well studied for the tests the day / night before.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I stayed in the library for 9 hours straight cramming for one of the tests?!


Now the question is this,
Should I let go of all the other responsibilities, forgo lepak time and focus on my studies instead?


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Missing bits and pieces..

Well, well, well..

Looks like I haven't been blogging for a while now have I?
Where to start?!

I guess the best solution would be to skim through that missing bits of my life-like super quick and I shall not bore the already limited number of readers that I have with petty details, thus I shall just let the pictures do the talking.


I'm just plain lazy.

Here goes!

So I spent my holidays not having a holiday at all, with all the camps to attend and preparations to be done for the coming batch of new meat.

BTN Camp over at Muar, Johor.

The Orientation Week was surprisingly fun being on the other side of things.

6th College's bunch of misfits Pembantu Mahasiswa'sOne for the picture!

Attended NoGAPS (National Gathering of Pharmacy Students) in UiTM which wasn't so bad.

And then classes and blardy tests started.
Funnily enough, I'm busier than ever but I enjoy myself more eventhough 2nd year totally require consistent studying.

See the red ones? Those are my tests.

I dread to see my results.


But of course, the big news was the return of Li Wei!
We went cycling (upon his humble request)

and he became my taxi ride home every Friday. Though for some particular reason I only reach home very late at night. LMAO.

Vinesh and Anne came back too. Had a bad tummy ache from laughing so much.

I somehow found myself performing during the Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Assoc. - M'sian Pharmacaceutical Society Conference Farewell Dinner.

It was over at Saloma's Bistro and Cafe, KL. Beautiful ambience, incredible people from all over the world, good food, superb night.
Missed Li Ern's birthday dinner tho. Sniff..

Was forced into taking part in the Merdeka Parade (a dance-again) in which we represented the Medical Faculty.

Almost everyone there assumed that we were medical students when the fact is that none of the medical students even bothered to take part, much less organize whatever we've done.

It was only us, Pharmacy students, Biomedical Sc. students and the nurses.

Believe me, the costume was as heavy, heavier even- than it looks. My head piece almost came off and had to be redone while waiting for our turn. The event ended at almost 1 am and the best part?

I had a freaking test at 9 a.m. the next morning!

Suffice to say, I barely slept that night.


I painted the town red with girlfriends.

Look up!

Became the editor of Notitia. My baby!

Celebrated a whole lotta birthdays! Every. Single. Weekend. Officially broke.

-Choon Yen's


-Sindhu's on the same night

-Beef's (drank so much I puked the next day -shhh!-)

- Rita's

Went clubbing for the first time in my life. Ahem

- Esther's

Dropped by at Malacca.

before heading over to Jeff's!
Hah! There he is.

and then there was See Wah's.

Finally we've come to the the weekend that is now.
MPS had an appreciation dinner at Shogun on Friday and us, dancers were invited.. that guy? Well, he's just the President of the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society.

Went to IMU's Carnival and then headed to my seniors' convocation on Saturday.

I tell you, the atmosphere was one of sheer, unadulterated happiness that you can actually taste it. And weep at how sweet it is.
My graduated buddy

*wipes sweat*
Okay, thats the gist of it..
Till then,

Sunday, September 02, 2007


GUILTY : For not updating as promised.

Tests every blardy week. Thankyouverymuch.
Last minute reports to complete.
Birthday celebrations every weekend!


I've been a bad, bad girl.


Hugged many long lost friends.

Had stomachache from too much laughter.

Food overload.


Said goodbye to a friend. Gonna miss you, man. (sentimental. Heh.)

Became a Kadazan for a night.

Became an Iban for a night.

Met new people. Occupied thoughts.



Wait for it, I'll be free-er soon.