Tuesday, March 29, 2005

oh! what a night!

Let us all spare a thought and pray for the victims of the 8.7 earthquake on the 28th or technically, 29th of March 2005 and may those affected emerge stronger.

I’m pretty sure everyone would have known about the earthquake and everything (if you don’t, there’s something called the newspapers, or tv or radio, or when all else fails, friends)

What an experience of a lifetime! I never expected to experience an earthquake considering that Malaysia is what, di luar ‘Lingkaran Api Pasifik’ ( I still remember my geography!) but last night was truly one to remember.

I was the only one up that night, around midnight, doing some Chemistry and Kelab Alam Sekitar stuffs when I suddenly felt like my head was spinning. Thinking that it was a clear sign for me to head off to bed, I brushed it off. When the tremors continued and I saw the door panels shaking and my living room lamp swaying from side to side, my imagination ran wild like dunno what, and I seriously thought for a moment that the building might collapse on us. I hurriedly woke my father up and the rest of the family. My mum who was deep in slumberland, woke up in panic thinking there was a fire or someone in my family pengsan’ed or something.
It was a sight to behold with everyone, young and old, rushing downstairs in their pyjamas. Aunties and Uncles each have a story to tell to anyone willing to listen, loudly. I only slept like about 2.30 am. With my phone and purse ready in my pocket just in case another strikes. Talk about paranoia!

It seems there’s another aftershock this afternoon at around 2 something. I just reached home from the trip to Parliament when my bro called me up, saying he felt the tremor at his working place and asking if I felt it too, which I didn’t. I was alone at home that time and although a few of the residents in the opposite block went down, I decided to stay put. But I got ready my house key, phone and purse and placed them nicely side by side on the table just in case lar. And you know what else I did? I wasn’t too sure I’d be able to feel the earthquake as I was tired and everything seems moving in my head anyway, so I placed a bowl of water on the table so that if there IS one, the water would swirl about. I only managed to keep an eye on the bowl for like half a minute until I fell asleep like a pig on the couch so even if the bowl were to topple over also, I wouldn’t give a damn.

And so, there it is, a short summary of my experience of an earthquake. It was Quite interesting actually.

N-E-way, the parliament trip was quite cool. We got to sit thought an hour of the debate session. I only hope the MPs wasn’t debating just for the sake of opening one’s mouth without any action being taken.
I must admit, I thought of how it would be like for me to be one of them, sitting there. And then I thought again whether I’d be able to sit through hours of sessions like this from Mon through Thurs. I don’t think so. But then again, to be chauffeur-driven….ah! my mom complains of her being my chauffeur anyway.

Signing off,

Tan Sri YB amy-da-great

Monday, March 28, 2005


Today is Sunday.
Tomorrow is Monday.
Tomorrow is a school day.

I’m back from FRIM and it was quite fun. It’s always great to be surrounded by nature. Though this time I felt like the track wasn’t long enough but it was nice all the same. I couldn’t resist not jumping into the river-cum-mini waterfall (ok, not so much of jumping, it’s very shallow, maybe more of waddling) so I did. So much for will power.

I was supposed to join Gaya and the gang for her birthday party but my dad wasn’t That excited about it so I didn’t go. Sorry gaya. I hope they had a great time. Happy Birthday!

Anyways, I went out for dinner with me ma and pa at Central, the Kim Gary-like Hong Kong restaurant behind Klang Parade and it was pleasant. I’ve been there before with Maggie and Esther and they said they wanted to try it out and so there we were. My parents, being well, my parents started talking to one of the owners there and continued talking the whole time and so my dad added another card to his collection of food sellers. Btw, is it a trend now to wear shawls? I saw quite a few with one around their shoulders, prompting my mum to comment about it. I told her it’s because they don’t want to catch a cold. It’s a lame answer. I know.

I met Lorraine and her family and Esther, you were right; she’s so thin now! It’s been quite long since I last saw her and so we chatted for a while. It’s good to see her.

I really need to study but I just can’t bring myself to. I felt like i've just wasted a perfectly good Sunday.I hate this guilty feeling.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

It’s Friday; practically The End of the holidays and allow me to state the obvious fact that 24 hrs is certainly not enough. It’s the 1st time..alrite 2nd ..this past week that I had the leisure of waking up at whatever godly hours I liked and for the record I woke up at 10 today. A few hours of Sunita’s work (fearing her wrath again), lunch, off to tuition, came back, off to another tuition, porno chicken and here I am. At 11 pm. With homework undone. Such a good girl.
Right. That’s enough whining for today.

I’m back from the camp safe and sound and in one piece! There were ups and downs, happy times, sad times, the usual.
The bus ride there was great with loads of laughter and crap, I mean, loads of crap especially from the form sixers. The younger uns must be like “ Shit! Will I grow up being just like them? NooOoOO !”
Dusun Eco Resort proved to be a popular place to camp as when we reached there, there were already other groups from other schools and even as we leave there were other groups coming in too. My name was the 1st in the girls list and unfortunately became the dorm leader, bearing the responsibility of the dorm key. That piece of metal with a wood attached is worth RM25! Luckily I did not have to part with my cash though I almost had to in some occasions.

The bathroom was a community styled one, with not so much of a shower but more of a narrow pipe with icy cold water falling down on your head that could literally take your breath away. You can imagine. On the 2nd night, I was feeling somewhat fearless and decided to bathe alone at 2 am in the morning. Imagine this, the bathroom was at the end of a corridor, dark, and quiet as everyone else was either sleeping or talking in their respective dorms. So-called “amy-da-brave” announced pompously that I was going out to bathe. I brushed me teeth, trying to push whatever I was imagining far into the back of my head but of course to no avail. This Miss Fearless tried extremely hard to not think of anything and sauntered as coolly as possible towards one of the dark cubicles…….then an unexplained thing happened through no fault of my own, the next thing I knew I was back in my dorm, with the same smelly shirt n pants with not a drop of water. Ain’t my fault! You get the message.

The jungle tracking was fantastic albeit a little tiring at first but it was worth it. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Mucho gracias to Hao Shen and Horng Tat as in some stages where it was extremely steep going downhill, Hao Shen went in front of me and Horng Tat at the back, helping me and making sure I didn’t fall considering I admittedly have a small phobia of climbing down a slope but it wasn’t too bad. After the track we were allowed to play in the pool for half an hour and most of us didn’t waste the chance of jumping into the cold water. Everyone was dunking everyone and I got dunked maybe like 3 or 4 times? I’m grateful I’m still breathing. Another sweet memory was the obstacle course and I’m sooo proud I was able to get through each and every one! The bruises after that are small matters.
I must say that the canteen operator deserved every bit of respect. The food understandably wasn’t 5 star hotel material but it was good enough. The thing that got to me was how friendly and helpful they were and the cloth to clean the table was seriously white, clean, dry and folded! Kudos to them!
There were of course challenges throughout the camp and unexpected occurrences. I guess it just made us closer and I now know that there are lots of people who are really sweet and caring.
I barely caught 5 hours of sleep during that two days, and on the last day I was like a zombie walking around. Thank goodness the majlis penutup wasn’t as long as I’ve expected. The best peserta lelaki was Jeff and perempuan was Janatun I think. Congrats!
It was so funny, on the way there, the bus was so lively and noisy but on the way back, it was so quiet except a stubborn few who absolutely refused to sleep and yakked all the way back..like me for example. I think Shin Dhee was fed up with Hao Shen and me for disturbing her like nobody’s business when she was on the phone with her beloved. We were like adding fire with “ Shin Dhee, what were you doing with the guys?!” “Enjoyed last night?”..well, you get the drift. Eventually she too, fell asleep. It was like someone released some kind of sleeping gas in the bus. Fortunately there was Hao shen who kept me amused. He must be cursing me for not letting him sleep. =Þ

And we reached Beloved STAR. Tired, smelly and with a load of laundry to do.
All in all, the place was great, the people were wonderful, the experience? good with many lessons.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

gonna be away for a while..

yours truly is off to a prefects camp in bentong! I'll be back on tues.. let us all pray very, very hard that'll it'll turn out great ...if not, u'll all suffer with me complaining when i get back!
teruk rite? its the start of the hols and it's Already filled with activities...this ain't a good start to a supposed week of rest..wishful thinking! homework piling up like crazy.
I never knew homework could pile up at this rate..i guess, now i know la..and for that, there's a list of ppl i'd like to thank :
mrs. lim for our maths work

pn. arasy for the bio work due when school reopens

pn. indira for the essay

mucho gracias!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Of cocks and roosters

Today was the ujiantara day, admittedly not my favourite day at all throughout the history of my schooling life but it was kind of fun, minus the embarrassing fact that I fell down (conveniently blame it on the ground). I managed to get 2 points, an Amazing feat in my opinion as come on lar, I’m Not All That athletic. I’m one of those who love to watch sports and play but doing it well? Nah.. Anyways, I take comfort in the fact that this will be the ultimate last time I’ll be doing it in my whole life…! I thought form 5 would be the last but it turned out to be the penultimate at that time and don’t get me started on that.

I started back my violin classes today as I stopped for the month of February.
From the rate that I was going, it must have been so very obvious to my sir that I didn’t touch the violin At ALL that whole month. I even had the cheek to wipe of any evidence of dust collecting on my violin case just in case he would notice, as if he’d care anyway. I’m thinking of finding a new center but the rest are all so expensive!

My family and I went out for dinner and for once we managed to decide where to eat even before I drove out of my house’s apartment’s gate. What a relief! Usually, I would reach the T-junction of my house and basically, “Where? Turn left or right?! Left?! Right?! Faster! Got car behind!” We had the usual dinner, rice with all the lauk-pauk. I cleaned up my plate! My mom commented that since I started school my appetite has been increasing triple-fold. Or more.
On the way back, a seriously unexpected and somewhat unsuitable topic of conversation for a supposedly nice and sweet family cropped up, thanks to my father. We were comparing Tesco and Giant when out of the blue he brought up a topic. The conversation went something like this :

Pa : “Do you know the difference between the word cock and rooster?”

Ma : Rolling her eyes (though I was driving and I couldn’t see it but I sensed that she did anyway) “What?”

Pa : “The British calls the male chicken a cock but the Americans like to roast the male chicken to eat, as in a roasted cock so they called it a Roaster…Roaster…Rooster! Tada!

At this point, my family, being absolutely Not innocent, in other words, a little dirty in the cerebellum, cerebrum, medulla oblongata and the rest of the grey matter in our heads made our imaginations run wild, causing havoc in the car. My mum said something which I will not mention here, in case any small kid reads this which prompted my father to comment that the word cock is not a bad word.

Me : Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. (sarcastically)

A day in the life of the Chuah family.