Monday, March 28, 2005


Today is Sunday.
Tomorrow is Monday.
Tomorrow is a school day.

I’m back from FRIM and it was quite fun. It’s always great to be surrounded by nature. Though this time I felt like the track wasn’t long enough but it was nice all the same. I couldn’t resist not jumping into the river-cum-mini waterfall (ok, not so much of jumping, it’s very shallow, maybe more of waddling) so I did. So much for will power.

I was supposed to join Gaya and the gang for her birthday party but my dad wasn’t That excited about it so I didn’t go. Sorry gaya. I hope they had a great time. Happy Birthday!

Anyways, I went out for dinner with me ma and pa at Central, the Kim Gary-like Hong Kong restaurant behind Klang Parade and it was pleasant. I’ve been there before with Maggie and Esther and they said they wanted to try it out and so there we were. My parents, being well, my parents started talking to one of the owners there and continued talking the whole time and so my dad added another card to his collection of food sellers. Btw, is it a trend now to wear shawls? I saw quite a few with one around their shoulders, prompting my mum to comment about it. I told her it’s because they don’t want to catch a cold. It’s a lame answer. I know.

I met Lorraine and her family and Esther, you were right; she’s so thin now! It’s been quite long since I last saw her and so we chatted for a while. It’s good to see her.

I really need to study but I just can’t bring myself to. I felt like i've just wasted a perfectly good Sunday.I hate this guilty feeling.

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