Tuesday, March 29, 2005

oh! what a night!

Let us all spare a thought and pray for the victims of the 8.7 earthquake on the 28th or technically, 29th of March 2005 and may those affected emerge stronger.

I’m pretty sure everyone would have known about the earthquake and everything (if you don’t, there’s something called the newspapers, or tv or radio, or when all else fails, friends)

What an experience of a lifetime! I never expected to experience an earthquake considering that Malaysia is what, di luar ‘Lingkaran Api Pasifik’ ( I still remember my geography!) but last night was truly one to remember.

I was the only one up that night, around midnight, doing some Chemistry and Kelab Alam Sekitar stuffs when I suddenly felt like my head was spinning. Thinking that it was a clear sign for me to head off to bed, I brushed it off. When the tremors continued and I saw the door panels shaking and my living room lamp swaying from side to side, my imagination ran wild like dunno what, and I seriously thought for a moment that the building might collapse on us. I hurriedly woke my father up and the rest of the family. My mum who was deep in slumberland, woke up in panic thinking there was a fire or someone in my family pengsan’ed or something.
It was a sight to behold with everyone, young and old, rushing downstairs in their pyjamas. Aunties and Uncles each have a story to tell to anyone willing to listen, loudly. I only slept like about 2.30 am. With my phone and purse ready in my pocket just in case another strikes. Talk about paranoia!

It seems there’s another aftershock this afternoon at around 2 something. I just reached home from the trip to Parliament when my bro called me up, saying he felt the tremor at his working place and asking if I felt it too, which I didn’t. I was alone at home that time and although a few of the residents in the opposite block went down, I decided to stay put. But I got ready my house key, phone and purse and placed them nicely side by side on the table just in case lar. And you know what else I did? I wasn’t too sure I’d be able to feel the earthquake as I was tired and everything seems moving in my head anyway, so I placed a bowl of water on the table so that if there IS one, the water would swirl about. I only managed to keep an eye on the bowl for like half a minute until I fell asleep like a pig on the couch so even if the bowl were to topple over also, I wouldn’t give a damn.

And so, there it is, a short summary of my experience of an earthquake. It was Quite interesting actually.

N-E-way, the parliament trip was quite cool. We got to sit thought an hour of the debate session. I only hope the MPs wasn’t debating just for the sake of opening one’s mouth without any action being taken.
I must admit, I thought of how it would be like for me to be one of them, sitting there. And then I thought again whether I’d be able to sit through hours of sessions like this from Mon through Thurs. I don’t think so. But then again, to be chauffeur-driven….ah! my mom complains of her being my chauffeur anyway.

Signing off,

Tan Sri YB amy-da-great

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