Sunday, August 06, 2006

Brunch at Kayu's

I have never laughed this much with this bunch of people for the longest time.
I so didn't want the makan to end.
Missed their antics, the carefree school days, the endless laughters, their muhibbah spirit that will just make you go, "Aww.." and our own innocence.
Hard to believe but it's been one whole year since I've met them, them as in Vinesh, Anne (both back from Ukraine over the summer holidays) , Shazeer, Deebs. Unfortunately though,the rest of the gang couldn't make it: Edgar, who's going off to the US on Weds (lucky fella) had a family outing and Hao Shen, who's already Down Under, in Australia.
Nonetheless, it's so good to meet up with them again, especially with Sindhu and Li Ern.
Havoc reigned in Kayu and we took pictures like there's no tomorrow. Literally.
I have a nagging suspicion the person manning the CCTV directly over our heads was laughing his arse off.
Oh well.
Pictures !

With Sindhu, Ern & Anne

With Shazeer, Vinesh and Deeban


Posing part 1 -Notice Vinesh's face

Can't see? HERE. LMAO

Posing 2

Self portrait - Failed attempt cause Sindhu was no where to be seen!

There she is!

Heh Heh Heh..

It was good fun.

Let's do it again!

p/s : Yeah, Hao Shen, it was lousy of us to have a good time without you... No worries, when you come back, we'll have double the fun!


Pau said...

Hey. so nice n seems like so fun!! Kesian me, i'm so stuck in here!! :( Dun care ar, when i'm back we muz go lepak kau kau to pay back..!! Haha!!

kinwai said...

Oh remember hao shen only la? Me and Pau here forgot ady la? Good..... Good..... U watch out when WE get back at u

Edgar Lim said...

hey hey....sorry i couldn't be there...looks like i missed out so much my balls turn blue...btw....check out

take care

amy-da-great said...


Definitely! When you get back, we are so gonna paint the town red! and blue...and green..

who dare to forget both of ya wor?!
it's just that hao shen was online when I was posting this up..sorry lor!

blue balls?! serve you right for not joining
Have fun in the United States of A.!