Saturday, December 09, 2006

I'm stuck.

My mom's sick and that spells bad news for me because when mommy dearest is down with something, yours truly is stuck at home like UHU to paper.
Or elephant glue to the soles of your shoes.
She needs her rest, so I'm not bitter or anything eventhough I didn't go out this whole blardy week minus the eating sessions, of course.
And it just occured to me, I've only like 1 blardy week left before leaving for Uni.
Where oh where has my month-long holiday gone?

But we did go out for dinner though, to one of those many makan stalls in Bukit Tinggi, after some indecisiveness of course. Too expensive! I went there yesterday! Just had that this week!
Judging from what I saw at the place where we ate, I must say that Klang people are one productive lot! Little kids swarmed the place, occupying almost every table. Keep it up people, MCA will be extremely proud!
Not that there are no kids at my table but I've always considered my brother and I to be Big Buffalos instead.

We had dinner and then walked over to Kayu for drinks, almost immediately after.
Our excuse? Too early to go home.
SO, there we were, drinking our blardy RM2 punya Milo panas and Nescafe tarik, watching Manchester United playing Manchester City, conversing among ourselves about nothing at all, really.

Eh you know...Ha Ha Ha. Auntie dot-dot-dot... Ha Ha Ha.

Mom : I wonder how clubbing is like, how I wish I can go sometimes.

Brother almost choked. I was amused.

Dad : Aiyo, nothing one lar! What for all these kinds of things.. Haiyo..

Mom : Thank gawd I enjoyed myself first before meeting you, going to disco and stuff.

Now, I'm very amused.

Continues, Yalar, last time we went all the way to PJ Hilton. Happening, man!

Me : Erm, by bus? Heh heh.

Mom : glaring at me, where got disco during the day one! By car, of course.

Me : How old were you then? Wait for it, wait for it..

Mom : nonchalantly, Oh, about 20, 21.


Me : Oh, so I can go clubbing now if I want to lar.

Mom : taken aback, regains composure... Absolutely NOT!



buttercup said...

Haha... you are still consider ok cos now onli you realised tht your holiday is going to end but for me, who is just at the very beginning of the holiday, feels tht my holiday will end without much things i can do.. sob.. you should be glad!haha!

kinwai said...

Ah. my mum's sick as well. But i'm not stuck to home tho. Aha.

amy-da-great said...

You'll definitely enjoy your holiday... =), as for me, I finally feel like I'm having one, when it's already ending! lol.