Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I am officially free.

Had Organic Chemistry til 12 pm. Almost had a cardiac arrest when the examiner boomed out in a loud voice "10 minutes left !" It's a wonder I didn't drop dead in shock. Passed up my cakar ayam papers and exhaled.

The heavens opened up and poured bucketloads of rain. (To wash our tears away?) Ah, but that didn't deter us from going out anyway, us, bunch of desperados. Arrived in Midvalley soaking wet and freezing.
The Covenant played on the silver screen. The popcorn never tasted so delicious.
-It was okay-lar, pretty predictable and quite mediocre acting. But what do I know about acting anyways?-

Shopped for beloved mommy's birthday present. I'm SO glad she loved it.

Mom : "You're definitely not in the room, right? Where to this time?"
To the river of money. *
You can't expect a girl like me to stay cooped up inside.
Shopped and ate and walked and ate.
And came back at 11 pm.

Yours truly went for dance practice.
You heard that right. Me, sim mei, is performing.

Okay, you can stop laughing now.


More practice.

My feet hurt.

My body's aching.

Sunday And Jump. Prance. Break your bones.


The pull of 007 was too strong.
Midnight movie beckons. I almost fell asleep. Almost.
But it was good.


Muscles may scream
But my legs say go!

Hello again GSC!
Step Up was surprisingly entertaining...
Cool moves, good looking people, great music.


I am here, in the computer lab, typing this. Will be back in Klang very shortly.

Miss you guys!

I'm lovin' this.

* Sg.Wang.


LW said...

I'm green...

I get cold FREEZING weather, crazy amount of readings to do each week and a pile of friggin' homework to settle by the end of the semester and you get to go watch movies and prancing like Mary Poppins... What had I done to deserve all this??!?!

amy-da-great said...

lol.. I've had my share of suffering okay..not too worry, your time of prancing like Mary ol' Poppins will come soon enough!

By that time, there'll be a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down.