Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I want my ice cream

I have a feeling that age is catching up on me.
Looks like I ain't that much of a thrill seeker these days after all * shakes head*
How was Genting I hear you ask?
I enjoyed screaming on the Corkscrew finally, and flying down the Solero albeit only once.
It was indescribable, being able to sashay through the guards into the casino - ever ready to whip out my IC if ever they dared to ask for my age and they didn't (which meant only 2 things : one, that I look old; two, that my beauty is so mesmerizing that they just let me pass.)
I personally prefer the second one.
Being in a casino might seem like such a trivial thing to most but I was blown away. By the sheer number of uncles and grandmas there that is. To my dismay, no sign of cigar smoking, gun-trotting mafia around but I did feel like a kambing out of the kampung.
I didn't enjoy the unbreathable smoke-filled air and I definitely did not enjoy donating 10 bucks to Uncle Lim Goh Tong.

I did enjoy freezing my butt off at Starbucks hanging onto my steaming cup of coffee with fellow insomniacs, talking about everything under the moon until almost 3 in the morning.
I particularly enjoyed watching AC Milan win the cup. HAH!
Well, I managed to stay awake for 45 minutes anyway.
And woke up in time for the 2nd goal.

It was good.

The down side to all that excitement, all of last week was the realization of how this week couldn't be more different.
I could be in Zouk right this moment if only my parents had said yes.
Or I could have been over at Ern + Karin + See Wah 's place for a sleepover if only the plan did not fall through at the last minute.
Instead, I witnessed John Travolta twirl Uma Thurman around, watched cutie pie Bruce Willis bawl his eyes out trying to save 2 kids from self-destructing teenagers, spent time with Dick and finding myself falling in awe with Shirley Maclaine.
And saw Jen Aniston give up the glam life with Kevin Costner to be with something Ruffalo.

To top it all, my appetite doubled these few days.
Ah, sod it.
I need some chocolates.

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