Friday, June 01, 2007

Contented tummy

Imagine that you're horny and wanting a piece of skin so badly that it hurts. A crowd surrounds you, rooting you on. It's your first time and you're lost, bewildered and freaking scared.
No fret, there are 3 muscular men at hand.

And within seconds, it's all over.
Someone pass the cigarette.

Yeap, I witnessed breeders helping dogs to hump.
Got dragged into it by my parents who chanced upon mom's friend wanting to mate her dog with her boyfriend.
The dog's boyfriend that is.
I personally don't see anything fascinating about dogs humping.
Oh well, it was a beautiful and natural event, the union of souls, the circle of life and all that jazz.

Mom's friend has to pay the he-dog's owner for the dog's services some more.


I had my fix today and twice some more! Har har.
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream!
Thank you to one Mr. Loh Kin Wai for the first quart.
And my appreciation to Papa for the second.

I still have some in my freezer, you want?

Yeap. Go get it yourself .

Oh, thanks, Sindhu for this:

p/s : I can never have enough presents, LW !


lw said...

grrrrr~!!!! I still want to see my black box....

amy-da-great said...

heh't put your hopes up too high leh kawan..
afraid that you might get disappointed!