Sunday, May 06, 2007


Note to self : Never ever go hunting for presents with family parents again.

It has been such a looong time since I've felt remotely exasperated with my family that I can't remember how it feels like.
Until today that is.

Presents to me, are something special, though not exactly sacred but close. They are literally gifts from the heart, representatives of the self, symbolizing the time, effort and in most cases money that are spent on someone that is important to you.

So I take time to choose them,
So sue me.
It's not like we're hard on time. We have all the time in the world.

So I like the things I chose to mean something,
So sue me.
It's my friend we're talking bout here.

Just don't assume I don't know any better.
And don't huff and puff away complaining.
At least do it far away so that I, and other shoppers for that matter wouldn't hear.

The practical side of me thinks that I would have reacted in the exact some way if I were in their shoes,
But I'd like to stay in my shoes for a moment, please.
So sue me.

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