Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dream it anyway

Tagged by Myky or the person formerly known as Kin Wai

Layer One:
On The Outside
Name: Chuah Sim Mei aka Amy
Birth Date: 26th April 1986
Current status: Single
Eye Colour: black
Hair Colour: black and brown-er
Righty or Lefty: righty

Layer Two:
On The Inside
Your Heritage: Chinese. Half hokkien half cantonese
Your Fears: Ironically, cockroaches. And not being able to live a full life.
Your Weakness: Good Food.
Your Perfect Pizza Toppings: Pizza hut's Island Supreme

Layer Three:
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First Waking Up: "What time is it? I think I'll just...doze..a..lil'..longer.."

Your Bedtime: I try to keep it before 3 am these days
Your Most Missed Memory: Form 6 days. Yeap.

Layer Four:
Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: pepsi
McDonald's or Burger King: Can i choose both?
Single or Group Dates: never been on either. But either one's fine with me!
Adidas or Nike: Nike
Tea or Nestea: Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
Cappucino or Coffee: both.

Layer Five:

Do You...
Smoke: Nope.
Curse: Just up to the level of "Shit!"
Take a shower: of course. If not my family would throw me out.
Have a crush: Yeah
Think you've been in love: .... don't think so
Go to school: No more school, no more tuitions. It's University now and tutorials.
Want to get married: Not right now. One day la.
Believe in yourself: Not all the time. I have moments of weakness too ya know.
Think you're a health freak: definitely not. "Eat now, talk later!"

Layer Six:
In The Past Month
Drank alcohol: Yeah.

Gone to the mall: Yeap!
Been on stage: nope
Eaten sushi: No! So sad.
Dyed your hair: Nope.

Layer Seven:
Have You Ever...
Played A Stripping Game: Not yet. lol
Changed Who You Were To Fit In: Like speaking in mandarin 24/7 just to communicate? I guess so.

Layer Eight:
Age You're HopingTo Be Married: 27 onwards? I remember discussing this with a bunch of girlfriends. Almost all settled on 27. What's with 27?

Layer Nine:
In a Girl/Guy

Best Eye Colour: anything
Best Hair Colour: anything la. As long as it suits that person.

Short Hair or Long Hair: as above.

Layer Ten:
What Were You Doing

1 Min Ago: doing this
1 Hour Ago:Went to tesco to buy stuff for the picnic tomorrow. Yeah!!
4.5 Hours Ago: Watching American Idol. Melinda!!
1 Month Ago: Finals about to start i think..
1 Year Ago: Holiday-ing? Everyone was still around so lepaking was a recurrent theme.

Layer Eleven:
Finish The Sentence

I Love: holidays, laughing with family and good friends..delicious food..having the freedom to do whatever I want and the freedom to do nothing at all. And of course, curling up with a good book,
I Feel: excited!
I Hate: litterbugs and feeling irritated with parents. Sometimes feel that I ain't such a good daughter after all.
I Hide: nervousness quite well.
I Miss: hanging out with friends..especially those I haven't seen in a while.
I Need: ice cream.

Layer Twelve:

Tag Five People
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lw said...

no sushi for the past 6 months?!?!?! U feeling guilty for people like me ar?? :P

DEY, age to get married, 30! REMEMBER THAT.. 30!!! and the bet of course... :P

amy-da-great said...

It's a crime isn't it!? No sushi!
Sigh. I'm being 'celibate' until you get back.

...ah could i forget about the bet...

MyKy said...

eh i've been known as myky (pronounced mai kai) all along. Ppl in uni find it easier to remember. Haha....