Monday, May 21, 2007

Of idle chatter

Admittedly, its been hard these days to open up to my parents. I used to blab about anything under the sun- who's with who, who's not with who, the works. But I find myself muttering monosyllable answers recently, in no mood for conversation.
SO it was nice when we had coffee today, like the good old days, when we used to talk about everything and anything, however trivial it might be.

The wooden fan was spinning, the cushioned seats, oh so comfortable; the hazelnut coffee delicious.
mom flirting with the waiter.
And oh,
dad was there too.

Mom : Actually hor, what does Mayday means ar? Is it like an acronym for something? Like you know, S.O.S for Save Our Souls..

Moi :NOlar! Where got such thing one..It's got to do with some aeroplanes or something something flying over France or something something. (Worth a shot, no?)

Dad : You're both wrong la. Mayday was coined when a pilot, flying his plane suddenly came across some difficulty of some sort. The first word that he uttered at that time was "Mayday! Mayday!" . Hence, Mayday was born.

Mom : But why Mayday? Why not Juneday?

Dad and I : Because he flew it in the month of May. (Obviously, right.)

My dad was crapping of course, and me being his daughter, naturally I followed suit.
Heh heh.
The true origin of it can be found


Cars were passing by in flashes of light, the stars were out yonder.

Mom : Auntie Mary messaged earlier, suggesting that the Class of '74 meet up for a 2 days-1 night trip to Genting in July. What do you guys think?

Moi : Wah. '74? So long time ago ar?!

Mom : Blardy fool.


Dad : Aiya, no need to go la! What for waste money to go to Genting?

Mom : But I haven't seen them in a while! Especially Judy, Patricia... We still keep in touch, unlike you, who don't even call up your old friends like George when we're back in Penang.

Dad : But George si liao lar *.

'Nuff said.

* passed away

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