Sunday, May 06, 2007

More presents! Heh heh

Forever 21 I am, I am!

Finally, Wild Hogs!

Go watch it, it's hilarious. Though some parts are a bit stupid but what the heck, just laugh man.
Thanks Esther for the good time and presents. (Note the plural : for Patrick and the book and of course, the bookmark)

May Lynn turned 21 today!

It was really, really nice to catch up with the rest of 'em. The caffeine's definitely going to my head. Thanks Mr and Mrs May Lynn for the presents!

Fireworks especially for her

Look! Kin Wai without a head! Har Har.

May your life be as sweet and as fulfilling as a piece of blardy delicious tiramisu cake.
Blessed 21!


lw said...

Forever 21... future signs of denial?? :P

amy-da-great said...

never too early for denial eh?