Friday, April 14, 2006


I'm bored.

Okay. I'm a recent convert of Stairway to Heaven. It's been showing on 8tv n AEC since i don't know when and I've just started getting hooked a few days ago? Easy to catch up mar.
SO, now I know who's in love with who, who's Not in love with who, who got backstabbed by whom and who's actually stepbrothers/stepsisters with whom.
Stepbrothers like stepsisters a lot huh?
If you ever watch Korean serials, you'd definitely notice that someone would cry EVERY SINGLE episode.
And sacrifices. Sacrifices are a must. And someone must die or is/will be dying, slowly.

But I'm still watching anyway.

It's FriIIday..FrIiiIiiday.
It's official. My last day's on the 26th, the day some of my friends will be off to colleges, Universities, etc.
The day where I'll be a penganggur kehormat once more.

Have a rockin' weekend, people.
A safe and rockin' weekend.

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