Friday, April 21, 2006


Li Teng and I renamed our school canteen as STARbucks ( 'Star' as in STAR school. Cold, I know but anyway..) It's not that bad actually because the teachers' lounge is air-conditioned and the ice blended is SO worth it at RM1.50. Mocha, man!
I mean, you can get like 7 of the same if you go to the original Starbucks.
Value for money !
Anyone who knows me knows that I seldom eat canteen food. In fact I just don't eat in school. I did, though, today coz Jeff n Emily came over to school and we were lepaking at the teachers' corner. The fried thingy that I bought was not bad actually, though I didn't really like the hot dog wrapped in fried bread. Bad combination.
So there we were, talking bout prefects, being teachers, the pay, universities and banana leaf rice (Yes, the topic will eventually veer to food) when I realized that we're actually gonna leave school. Like in my case, I'm actually GONNA leave school next week. As a student and as a teacher. 2 months came and went just like that.
Soon, if we are able to get in, we'll be University students. I'm gonna have to make my own bed, iron my clothes and do all the other stuffs that I'm supposed to do. (Yes, my dad will make my bed for me, jealous? and he irons my clothes, I know, I'm a BAD daughter, I'm sorry.)
I feel old.
but it's the weekend so I feel fine.
It's absolutely obvious that LT and I look like brand new teachers. We dragged home piles and piles of books home today to be marked over the weekend when the rest of the teachers just carried their handbags and briefcases.
Thanks to Jeff and Em lar, I ended up chatting instead of staying in the staffroom marking 'em. Tsk tsk, bad sim mei.

Father's birthday coming up, 23rd April. What to get him leh?
Any suggestions?

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