Thursday, June 22, 2006


I've been tagged by dear Shin Dhee!

Numero uno : Name 20 people from the top of your head. No peeking!

Numero dos : Answer the questions.

Numero tres : Tag other people.

Here goes .

1. Pauline
2. Li Wei
3. Yi Jiang
4. Woei Jye
5. Chia Hau
6. Ee Von
7. Esther
8. Maggie
9. Kenny
10. Li Ern
11. See Wah
12. Steve
13. Karin
14. Kam
15. Choon Yen
16. Shin Dhee
17. May Lynn
18. Kin Wai
19. Preeta
20. Gaya

1. How did you meet 14 [Kam]?
From school..Were schoolmates since Form 1, and occasional classmates for some years.

2. What would you do if you had never met 1 [Pauline] ?
What would I do? I would hunt around for someone like Pauline!
It would indeed be a shame to miss out on meeting someone with as much heart and goodness as her. And I would miss a lot of laughter too.

3. What would you do if 20 [Gaya] and 9 [Kenny] dated you?
Lol. I wouldn't mind both actually but I suspect in both cases, many people would be after my head!

4. Would 6 [ Ee Von ] and 17 [May Lynn] make a good couple?
They are already kind of related anyways and both have other halves, so no!

5. Describe 3 [ Yi Jiang ].
Heh heh. Where shall I start? He's obviously extremely intelligent, articulate and smart. Fun, friendly and conscientious, not to mention popular. A bundle of energy and very reliable. A great friend, really!

6. Do you think 8 [Maggie] is attractive?
Definitely! Without a doubt! Sooo cute!

7. Tell me something about 7 [Esther].
She's the longest and dearest friend of mine. 14 years?! She's generous and extremely caring; has a bubbly personality which endears her to those that are close to her, like a magnet! Can practically talk about anything! You can never have a dull moment with her around!

8. Do you know anything about 12's [Steve] family?
I know they're in Bentong lar. But that's about it.

10. What would you do if 11 [See Wah] confess that he/she likes you?
I wouldn't be surprised..she does show some lesbian a good way! lmao.

11. What language does 15 [Choon Yen] speak?
English, Mandarin, Hokkien i guess?

12. Who is 9 [ Kenny] going out with?
Erm...I don't think he's going out with anyone right now..If there is, he'd better tell me!

13. How old is 16 [ Shin Dhee ] now?
Just turned 19 this month!

14. When was the last time you talked to 13 [Karin ]?
Quite long ago, I think it was during Kenny's birthday bash.

15. Who is 2's [ Li Wei] favourite singer?
Only one?! I know he listens to people like Jason Mraz, That Italian fella, Gavin deGraw, that Blue fella.. Maxim ain't a singer though.

16. Would you date 4 [ Woei Jye]?
He's already taken. Just recently!

17. Would you date 7 [Esther]?
In a heartbeat!

18. Is 15 [ Choon Yen ] single?

19. What's 10's [ Li Ern ] last name?
Her surname's Chee.

20. Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11 [ See Wah]?
She's a girl. I'm a girl. SO whaddya think? *winks

21. What school does 3 [ Yi Jiang ] go to?
He'll be a University student very soon. An excellent University student, I'm sure.

22. Where does 6 [ Ee Von] live?
I know enough lar!

23. What's your favourite thing about 5? [ Chia Hau]
Innocence? heh heh.

Now, it's your turn,
Esther, Maggie, Kin Wai !

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