Thursday, June 01, 2006

I had my first taste of blood..

I feel like a Vampire who had her first taste of sweet blood and is now on a frantic hunt for more.

I had my first taste of World Cup football.

I wasn't actually bothered about it, I mean, I knew it was coming but I'm not one of those die-hards who counted down the days to it's precise hour and minutes.
"Oh? World Cup in June, this year? So fast ar?"
And that's about it.

But then, I happen to catch the friendlies that day, England-Hungary and Germany-Japan, and I knew that I'm in serious trouble.
There's something about watching Gerrard and Terry scoring from a superb cross by Becks and looking on unbelievably as Crouch celebrate with a robot dance (so cute!) before being swarmed by other whities, regardless of clubs, that just send a shiver down my spine. It's nice to watch them come together to fight for their respective country's glory eventhough they might play against each other in leagues. You can sense a whiff of joy, excitement and spirit on their part. Not to mention patriotism.
And I've always tried, though not always succesful, to be a patriot.

The last World Cup was fun, owing to the fact that it was held in an Asian country so I could watch it at night with an extremely bising family without sacrificing my precious sleep.
And I admit it, I skipped tuitions just to watch the matches. Not so goody-two-shoes after all eh? So sue me.
But now, the matches would be in the mornings, midnights and in the wee hours of the mornings, according to my brother that is.
How grateful am I that I'm neither working nor studying?
So I can watch, whatever times it will be. *gleefully*

Here's to other footies, may June be as exciting, heartwarming and memorable for you as I hope it would be for me.
Didn't someone say that football is the most beautiful game in the world?
Of course, someone else did say it's the stupidest game in the world, with grown men chasing after 1 single ball.
Oh well, they are after all, men right?

p/s : It's my lovely cousin's birthday !
Blessed Birthday Ivy Loke Mei Lian,
May you blossom into the beautiful person that you are !


ian said...

YES! Welcome to the brotherhood,sis! BTW, who will you be supporting?

amy-da-great said...

thank you thank you.. lol
BRAZIL baby!
Let's samba !