Friday, June 02, 2006

a trip to the doc

To all guys who think it absolutely sucks to be a guy,
Try being a girl in the throes of mentrual cramps. Every month.

Now, try being a girl in which it hurts so bad you just black out.
You'll never complain after that.

Went to the clinic again for pain relief and came away feeling sheepish and stupid. My stupidity made the doctor laugh, at the very least. You see, my dad, and mom had been bugging me to take EPOs (Evening Primrose Oil) since the last attack but me being me, I didn't. So when the good doctor recommended something non-invasive to help the problem, what did he take out? a bottle of EPOs.

I must have looked like some monkey who just ate a whole basketful of hot chillies and now, jumping in agony because he just took one look at me, said,
"She looks like a very bright person"
And then laughed.

dad to doc , "You See?! YOU better be the one telling her, she won't listen to us! I have a hard time getting her to eat fruits that I've cut and placed in a platter, whats more this"

And the good doc laughed some more.

I was in pain so I just sat looking like a complete fool.

Okay, it's my fault, enough already.
Enough to make me resolve to stuff one darn pill each day, even if it kills me. (Figuratively, of course.)

My dad, being who he his, managed to swerve the conversation towards the coming University Results, me having to take care of myself, and of course, taking up pharmacy and whether it's the right step.
He's kind of worried that I might regret not placing medicine as the first choice after reading an article in the newspapers today where many high achievers aren't putting medicine first and therefore less competition in that field.
What he didn't know was that, I didn't regret and I didn't mind.

But the doc, Dr. Nadzri was fun to talk too, encouraging and friendly.
He said that what's important is to gain a place, and after that there's a huge world ahead of you, that is, to me. There's plenty of options that are related to the medical fields and that I should never lost heart nor hope.
And to never regret because circumstances as they are, are always there to influence. But with heart, you'll do good because there are many options around with things turning up without you expecting them to. Because after all, the thing that wakes you up in the mornings is the drive and the passion.
My passion is medical related, and if that means pharmacology with its various branches, biomedical, biochemical or something else, so be it.
Who knows, maybe I'll be able to discover some new drug that will save the world?
Like a modern female version of Batman?
cue: Batman theme

He gave me something, a piece of paper, nothing fancy, about a certain drug, its side effects, compositions etc which you might find enclosed with any packaged drug.
"As an introduction to pharmacy", he says while handing it to me, smiling.

I take it as a reminder that I should never lose heart and faith.

Thank ye, Dr. Nadzri.


ButTeRcUp said...

yeah.. the doc must have fallen in love with you la!! haha.. so nice.. giving things that other patient won't get. bias doc!!! haha... well, good that u r looking things ahead... save the world it may. me having kinda the same thought too... but errr... i'm not tht smart like u la. haha.. gambade! and errr... take care of yourself properly.. be a good gal and take wat ever medicine tht u should. blek... bye

amy-da-great said...

thanks for the concern..i'll try to be a good girl!
and he's so NOT lar. I bet he treats all his patients the same way. After all, I saw him for only like 15 minutes?
you'll do good too in your field..of that I'm very sure!

LW said...

He cut the fruits, put them on a platter and you still wouldnt eat???????


buttercup said...

haha.... i bet he didn't treat all patients like tht.. haha..

to lw= simmy's dad cut for her la... haha

amy-da-great said...

well, you know my father..he exaggerates..i inherited that from him..=Þ
But I do Eat them okay..though he cuts 'em.

Yes, he does treat everyone the same way!

LW to buttercup said...

DOOORH!!! Of course I MEANT Sim's dad...

OMFG! and you thought i meant the doctor!!!

LMAO.. for a LOONG time I havent been using Su Sien's favourite words... *cough* Gau ler ho! Mai kei Gau!


kinwai said...

well, that's tendency of evil-minded kids i guess. Nay, they never listen to their parents, but outsiders. HAH! Oi, your background is black, and your font is dark, damn susah to baca le....

amy-da-great said...

I put bright font you say you'll go blind, put dark font you say cannot what am I to do?

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