Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My life took a turning, to where I couldn't see but of which I can feel.

Okay, how shall I start?

Like zis.

Thank You for all the blessings that You have showered upon me, for lighting the way when the path gets dark and for bestowing upon humble me, opportunities that many would kill or willingly give an arm (or leg) for.
Life has thrown me around in a rollercoaster ride of anxiety, grit, disappointments and helplessness,
But also peace, sheer joy and multitude of chances.
A path laden with potholes but blessings to overcome them.
Of support to be found everywhere I turned.
A bright light shining of which I'm eternally grateful.


So, 19th of June was just like any other day EXCEPT for this little rumour going around that the UPU results will be out. I think most of the ex-STPM-ers were sweating like pigs the previous night. I cannot deny being worried myself, I mean, it's MY future they're deciding after all.
But I had a good night's sleep and that's the most important thing.

Dawn broke over the horizon..okay, fine, more like midday when the sun was already in an almost perfect vertical above your head, that I wondered if the rumour was real, or fake.
Being a big cowardly chicken, I didn't check through SMS straight away, instead I

Flipped through the papers; Nope, no news whatsoever -already thinking it's half-fake
Checked the website; Tadak pun - Definitely a false alarm
Messaged a few people, namely Esther and Yi Jiang ; Both gave a negative -WTH, worry for nothing

The sun dipped futher west and then YJ called,
"Eh! Results come out ady! Faster check!"

Switched on the computer, waited for the darn screen to show the desktop of green hills and serene blue sky while calling and messaging the rest, informing of the newly obtained bit of information.

Keyed in my IC, Angka Giliran and waited..and waited..and waited with my father's brooding presence directly behind me, 2 pairs of eyes staring intently at the screen.
Before the page could even load, YJ called,
"Congrats! You've got what you wanted...."
And there it was in front of me.

KATEGORI : S - Lepasan STPM 2005


Anda telah berjaya ditawarkan program seperti di bawah :
KOD : MF00

For some reason or the other, the first thing I saw was the words :




Oddly familiar.

OMG! UM, baby!

Of course, the second thing i saw was FARMASI.

I AM very, extremely grateful that I've got my first choice. UM-Pharmacy.
I mean, many many people couldn't get their first choices and many didn't even get into Universities (which absolutely sucked, big time.)

I'm good. Good as in satisfied, mind you. I'm not tooting my own horn.

It's my dream University, prestigious and honoured.

I'm good.

I've got a place and it's nearby, next to UPK (University of Port Klang) of course -inside joke.

I'm good.

I'm able to save loads of money on my parents behalf.

I'm good.

I wouldn't have to be far from my family after all!

I. am. good. I'm blessed. Enuff said.

Thank you people for your good wishes, hopes, and shared happiness.
Let us embark on this brand new journey together?
Newly paved roads.


lw said...

meleret-leret lar.. :P

anyway congrats again... Smooth sailing aye? hehe

kinwai said...

haha good for u la. I'm reconsidering mine la. they're not offering electronics. Tsk. See how la. congrats to u again

Esther said...

congratulations for the nth time! hee

amy-da-great said...


Of course must meleret-leret mar..after all, It's Mak Cik Amy we're talkin' about!

Thanks LW, and smooth sailing to ya too, fellow pirate! Get loads of bounty, gold coins and everything. Then we can share k? *winks*

thanks..yeah..true lor..do let me know what you decide k?

Thank You, dearest friend for the nth time!

Ee Von said...

eh? I ingat the initial fonts' colour was yellow, no?


amy-da-great said...

to-ee von

haha...I was fooling around with the colours!
And figured that this one suits the occasion better.. :-)