Thursday, June 22, 2006

I'm just normal...that's all..NORMAL

He replied.

He lar, haven't you been paying any attention?

In the not too distant past, if you remember, I commited myself into sending my sweat-inducing 1500 words essay for the IMU Scholarship to the doctor I was talking about, therefore I did. He didn't give any feedback nor replies or anything and thus I conveniently forgot the whole thing.
That was until I returned to the clinic to get my Hepatitis B Lab Results, of which I'm a negative by the way, and he mentioned that his e-mail account has been bug/virus infected and thus could not receive anything.


But it was the afternoon of D-day anyway (19th) and after getting the lab report, relayed to him the good news that I've been accepted into UM to do Pharmacy.
Rounds of congratulations later, blabbed about what to expect and the like ( he's a UM alumni). But not for long ler, there were poor sick souls waiting outside (I ain't heartless!).

So that's that.

And then, just now, saw a reply from him in my Yahoo! Mail; with a phone number attached.
And I acted all schoolgirl-ish.
I feel a crush bubbling inside.
What the hell,
he's married with kids for heaven's sake.

Oh man.
What's with me and older men?!


kinwai said...

See. U memang like older man la. Tsk tsk tsk. Seems that my fear really came true. Haha. "AMY CHUAH SIMMEI IS HAPPILY WEDDED TO A MUCH OLDER MAN." Adoi....

kxin said...

EHH!! ermm... yer... hahahahah!!! not commenting on your taste!! at least post a pic of the doctor guy.. then we can see! hahahaa... i agree with Kin Wai.. :P

ButTeRcUp said...

haha.. gone la like tht.. oh wait.. uncle chuah din say cannot be old isn't it? as long as he's a chinese rite... wait wait.. is tht doc chinese? errr.. i dun think so rite? oh my.. simmy... wake up! ur dad will scold you! haha

amy-da-great said...


*sigh. I am not,nor ever had been married, much less Happily wedded to another man. Ler !

LOL. Trust me when I say he's not a looker, not like an actor/model.
He's just a nice person that's all.
It's his brain I'm more interested in. LOL

Aiyo..I'm not marrying him la and I'm not interested in anything else! God forbid!

ian said...

@_@;; older men...eish...*goosebumps*

amy-da-great said...