Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Of samba and !xobile

Kaka scored a superb long range first goal of the match and the whole Brazilian camp celebrated by popping champagnes in the middle of the green, green pitch and dancing to the samba rhythm amplified from out of no where, you would think angels up in the sky were the ones drumming the drums and blowing the trumpets, in a riotous mood.
The second goal was wonderfully scored by Ronaldo in a blink of an eye and the whole stands erupted into cheers with balloons and streamers falling like rain from the clouds.

"Teet teet..Teet teet"

The rhythm was suddenly punctuated by a tone, booming like thunder that sounds oddly familiar.
Ah. It was my handphone messaging tone.
By Kin Wai about 3.30 a.m.-ish enlightening me that the Croatians are attacking far better than the Brazilians.
Oh Well, since I'm up, what the hell! So, there I was, lying in the dark, on the couch, shouting with joy when Kaka DID score the first goal, long range no less (Oooo...weird), and of anguish when Croatia punished the Brazilian defence, time and time again.
One word sums the whole match up : Unconvincing. Or how Kin Wai put it so succintly- Boring.
Of course, there were moments of brilliance, fluid passing and almost-there attempts of goal but that's just it, littered moments.
Ronaldo didn't score, nor was he as present as Ronaldinho and Cafu (ah, Cafu, I have a soft spot for him), so there goes my sixth sense. Not blaming him though, there's always some sort of pressure with first matches, and the blisters on his feet must have been an additional problem, if I didn't hear the commentators wrongly.
Ah. Football. Nothing like watching it in the middle of the night when I could have continued dreaming of Roberto Carlos , Adriano and Lampard (!?) scoring the next few goals.
Or watching the repeats the next day. But where's the fun in that eh?
No live no shiok.

Kudos to Kexin for recommending Russell Peters to me. He's an absolute riot I tell you! This here, is the first video I watched and it had me in stitches.

!xobile -watch it and know it.


kinwai said...

eh? Ronaldo scored? Eh.... The final score was 1-0 la. Wat u talking? Ronaldo was too fat to score la.

amy-da-great said...

I dreamt he scored ler!
read read!